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A CAPITAL IDEA – Putting the Panasonic TZ3 Through Its Paces in Capital Reef National Park

The Panasonic TZ3 is an extremely versatile camera. It can handle everything from the grand scenic to the casual portrait to revealing detail in close ups to being able to capture wildlife.


Russ TZ3 Tip6

Use the TZ3 to create a grand scenic. I used a polarizing filter in front of the lens
to saturate the blue sky and take the glare off the fall color.


Russ TZ3 Tip6a

Notice how rich in tone the TZ3 captures the reds of the formations.
Try setting the camera to its Vivid mode in the menu to help saturate landscapes.
Russ TZ3 Tip6b

The TZ3 works wonders in being able to separate tonality in diverse colors.
When shooting scenics, use depth by including a foreground element
to make the image 3 dimensional.
Russ TZ3 Tip6c

Notice how the sunset colors come alive. This is a great time of day to photograph scenics.
Russ TZ3 Tip6d

This scenic of Chimney Rock was made just before the sun sank below the horizon.
Sunset and sunrise are great times to create scenics.
Russ TZ3 Tip6e

Including people in your scenics works well to create a sense of scale.
It also helps when they wear red!
Russ TZ3 Tip6f

When photographing animals in the wild, wait for them to do something interesting or funny.
The image will have a lot more impact than a shot of an animal just standing where it is.
Russ TZ3 Tip6g

If you′re lucky and patient, you may come across something like this.
Work fast and try to anticipate what will happen before it does.
Russ TZ3 Tip6h

Use your wide angle setting to create a unique perspective.
Russ TZ3 Tip6i
Use balance to fill the frame with individual compositional elements.Russ TZ3 Tip6j
Look for situations with interesting light.
Notice how the basin is NOT placed in the center of the image.


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