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A MONUMENTAL CAMERA – Putting the Panasonic TZ3 Through Its Paces in Monument Valley

A)  Just because you use a point and shoot doesn′t mean you can′t use a polarizing filter. Compare the differences between the image shot without it and then with it. Simply place the filter in front of the lens and rotate it until the sky and colors are more saturated. It′s better if you work with the camera on a tripod to do this.

Russ TZ3 Tip1a
Without the Polarizer


Russ TZ3 Tip1
With the Polarizer

B) Exploit the wide zoom range of the TZ3. Shoot at the wide setting to include everything to show the environmental shot and then zoom in to show the details.

Russ TZ3 Tip2
Wide Angle settingRuss TZ3 Tip2a
Telephoto setting 

C) Just because it′s dark, you don′t have to use the flash. Compare the two images of the campfire. The second one where I turned the flash off has much greater mood and color saturation.

Russ TZ3 Tip3
Flash on AutomaticRuss TZ3 Tip 3a
Flash turned off photo #1Russ TZ3 Tip3b
Flash turned off photo #2


D) Use the flash Set to Slow Synch to pick up detail in areas that would otherwise not be revealed due to the short exposure of just the flash. At slow synch, the shutter remains open for a longer period of time to record more natural or ambient light.

Russ TZ3 Tip4

E) Set the TZ3 to Landscape mode in the Scene menu and fire away. Just have fun and enjoy the camera as you accumulate many great images of your trip.

Russ TZ3 Tip5
Notice the great natural colors that are recorded at sunset!Russ TZ3 Tip5a
Include clouds in the image to give the sky more dramaRuss TZ3 Tip5b
Use natural features to create a frame around your subject

Russ TZ3 Tip5c
Use that polarizing filter to add punch and more vibrant color to your photos.

Russ TZ3 Tip5d
Vary your compositions by shooting both horizontals and verticals.

Russ TZ3 Tip5e

All images © Russ Burden, Denver DPA Instructor


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