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Cats Being Themselves

Cats, being very independent creatures, are not always the easiest subjects to photograph. The best photo-ops are when they are just being themselves. If you have patience and perseverance they will eventually put on their own show. Some comical and goofy images will result.

I followed this cat, but stayed back a bit. She knew I was there but I was far away enough not to impose on her routine. I used a 70-200mm lens with a 2x extender that gave me a good range of coverage. I was able to get the whole scene and still zoom in for the details of her expressions. The best situation for lighting in this case was in overcast daylight. Direct sun would have “blown out” the white fur and caused harsh shadows.

Also, I like to allow a little bit of space around the image while shooting. This gives me an opportunity to second-guess my composition and balance by cropping in Photoshop.

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