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Experimenting is Key


-Vary the angle of the camera, shoot from over head and at plate level.

-Vary the angle of the plate too. I buy toilet shimms from the hardware store and use them to tilt the plate into the camera – watch out for movement in sauces though!

-Play with how wide and tight your shot is, some times getting a little room atmosphere goes a long way to making the image more dramatic.

-Use a lensbaby lens to give that great creative bur to you food images. I use a Lensbaby Super G (now called the Control Freak ) for many of my food shooting assignments because I can dial in the sweet spot of focus, lock it in place and fire away.

-Tryout your widest angle lens too. I often use a 16mm fisheye because the minimum focal distance is very close and the plate and food in the foreground looks huge!






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