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Family Group Portraits

Family portraits are important keepsakes for many reasons. They provide a baseline from which to measure the growth of your kids, they provide memories as you get older, and the event of having them made provides bonding.


© Russ Burden

To create a professional look, be sure to pay strict attention to what you have the subjects wear. Be sure to create a theme regarding the color and style of the clothing. If everyone is wearing something totally different, the look is not cohesive. On the other hand, if there′s a theme, the look is harmonious.

Have some fun with the poses you create. Instead of lining everyone up on the same plane, place your subjects in a way that′s not chaotic yet allows them to have some fun. The end result will be images with great smiles.


© Russ Burden

Be sure to light the subjects uniformly. This may mean finding open shade, using a reflector to fill in harsh shadows or using a flash to accomplish the same as the reflector. If any of the subjects have bright hotspots of light, move the group so that each person is evenly lit.


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