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The beautiful, whimsical photo of Love Birds above shot by Seattle DPA instructor Wolfgang Kaehler is a great example of a photo shot without a tripod. Wolfgang was able to achieve selective focus and sharpness even though the scene is not brilliantly lit. He used used a relatively wide aperture enabling him to shoot at a faster shutter speed. It helped too that the birds were a static subject, with birds in flight Wolfgang may have had some issues with blur to contend with.  However if you weren′t able to get it right on the first try like the image by Wolfgang, NIK has created a software that will be able to assist you get the sharpness you′re looking for.


Image © DPA Instructor Wolfgang Kaehler

Ever capture a great shot like this image by Wolfgang, but instead it isn’t quite as sharp as you had hoped? It’s a spectacular photo, great imagery that captures a unique moment but is not quite tack sharp focus and with the edge you wished for. Maybe you forgot your tripod, or intentionally left it at home to travel light. The sun was fading and you were forced to use a slower shutter speed than desired, we’ve all done it out of desperation. Or more likely you were forced to use a very high ISO setting to avoid that slow shutter speed and picked up some excessive digital noise from the long shutter speed. NIK Software has software to address these issues. One of the great tools in Viveza2 software is a slider control to adjust Structure on the Viveza panel or using the signature control points in NIK. Either with a split screen or side-by-side screen you can see before and after effects adding a bit of structure can make. Take a shot that’s a little fuzzy and transform it into something quite sharp, adding a necessary bite to the shot. If you picked up too much digital noise you can repair this using DFINE, the NIK Noise reduction software.


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