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You can pick them from your garden and bring them in, borrow them from that birthday flower arrangement or buy a small bunch from the local grocer.  A piece of putty (or even chewing gum!) can secure the stem and a “busy” background of fabric placed two or three feet behind the flower can serve as a dreamy background.  Indoor shooting also offers wind-less conditions, and may offer easier options in changing the angle and rotation of the flower and creative control of the light coming through a nearby window, or add an artificial light source. Create an abstract using a group of flowers.  Set camera to shutter priority and select a long shutter speed (about 1/4 to 1/2 second) and try one of the following with a hand held camera:  -Simply “jiggle” the camera as if you had very shaky hands, or -“Drag” the lens in a straight (or diagonal) line across the flower bed and click the shutter while the camera is moving, or -With your zoom lens at its longest position, rotate the lens barrel in and click the shutter  during that movement, or -If your camera has a multiple exposure feature, turn it on and rapidly take a number of shots,  moving the camera slightly between each shot.


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