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Get Closer for Better Portraits

Want to take portraits with more pizazz? Try coming in closer by using the zoom or actually stepping closer to your subject. Don’t be afraid to fill the frame, but watch your focus. Getting your subject’s eyes in focus is critical. If your lens is wide, stepping in too close sometimes can distort a person’s face, so try using the zoom. Longer lenses are generally more pleasing for a portrait. Pay attention to the background, too. Get rid of any distracting elements.

Once you’re in close, the built in flashes on most cameras will be too harsh. Try turning off the flash and using some pleasing window light.

Sometimes you want to see an entire face, but if you want to connect just to gorgeous blue eyes, go ahead!

And for Father’s Day, you can have that fabulous portrait printed onto numerous items these days – coffee mugs, mouse pads, bookmarks. What a personal gift that Dad will treasure!

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