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Location: A few miles south of College Station TX on Hwy 50.  Its a great country road with lightly rolling hills and a broad mix of country, farming, ranching, creeks and streams. And no doubt lots of spring flowers!

shack joe robbins national photo month tip color angle college station texas
© 2007 Joe Robbins, Houston DPA Instructor

#1: Next time you take a drive to get some new images, get going early before sunrise to get the light – but don′t be discouraged if its foggy like it was the morning I set out to take this shot. I decided I′d make the fog a part of the theme or feel of any shots I found along the way. In the case of this ol shack, I got lucky with the early warm sun popping through the fog, and the fog still drifting in the background of the shot.

#2: Get some foreground in your shot to add depth and added interest.

#3: Choose a shooting angle that is not the norm; high or low to add some drama, or in this case to get down where the nice flowers were popping out of the high grass.

#4: Stop down on the aperture to get that foreground sharp in addition to the main subject in the background, again, like I was able to do with the flowers.

#5: Use a tripod to get it sharp.


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