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© Kathy Tarantola

The three tiered non-traditional wedding cake was decorated for a California
style beach wedding, and I loved the way it was decorated. Even at f4 I had
enough depth of field to keep the cake layers in focus, but soften the
background enough not to distract the subject. The slight overexposure of
the back light creates a bit of flare to give the impression of skylight,
even though the reception was indoors – in a dark paneled room!


© Kathy Tarantola

This beautiful plate of fruit only survived enough for a couple of shots
before I devoured it! I wanted to accentuate the colors of the fruit, so I
used a shallow depth of field – f 5.6.. To bring the viewer′s eye to the
foreground. Yum! This was after a sunrise shoot and swim at the beach at
Hanalei Bay, Kauai, so it was as delicious as it looks!


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