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Kids′ Sports

1. Use a larger aperture to blur the background and create a stronger focus on the athlete in motion.

Tony Schreck Tip3

2. Extra-colorful uniforms are more brightly featured when the background is a complimentary color.

Tony Schreck Tip3b

3. A telephoto lens is a must when photographing sports! If you have a point-and-shoot camera, your zoom lens should suffice for good sports images of the kids (some models even have an extra ′Digital Zoom′ feature that enables you to get even closer, like the Panasonic-LUMIX FX07). If you own a Digital SLR camera, we suggest a zoom lens from 70-200mm for the best results from the audience stands.

Tony Schreck Tip3c

4. An abstract shot of the ball can be a great way to metaphorically immortalize the event, even make a card that will mean something to the whole team.

Tony Schreck Tip3d

5. If you wait it out by the goal or basket, inevitably the action will show itself for you to capture!

Photographs by Tony Schreck, Minneapolis DPA Instructor


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