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The photo is two images…the location of the moon rise while we were at Church Street Station was over a high-rise apartment building. So, we hoofed it to Lake Eola. To get it into position near the fountain wasn’t happening, and to get the exposure right for both wasn’t going to happen either. So, I shot the moon and fountain separately with this double exposure in mind. Attached is the picture straight out of the camera. ISO 100, 1/80, f/11 Canon 100-400L @ 400mm.


moon for double exposure (1 of 1)

fountain for double exposure (1 of 1)

Note that I used a simple app called PicBender; it just puts one picture on top of the other. Photoshop requires many more steps.

moon and fountain final B (1 of 1)

John Cullum, Jr.,
Orlando DPA Instructor

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