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Dawn Bowery

Dawn Bowery

Dawn-Bowery-bio-picA few years ago I moved to LA from London and transitioned from photography being part time to full time. I’ve always had a passion for photography and travel and love what I do! I get so much joy from photographing people and am always thrilled when my client comments that the portrait I have taken for them is the best photograph they’ve ever had! Being a professional photographer every day is different, from photographing Cirque du Soleil acrobats balancing in a creek to an olympic boxer! I am very fortunate to meet so many inspiring people from different walks of life.

My background in film and television digital visual effects has resulted in several industry awards and nominations for BAFTA and Academy Awards and greatly influences and inspires my photography. I combine classic composition with rich textures and contemporary colour treatments. Using my visual effects techniques I have a talent for transforming images – combining different photographs, retouching, even making people levitate! It is not always noticeable to the viewer if any special effects have been applied but usually some alterations have been made, maybe a new sky, or removing unwanted objects or combining elements from different shots.

I have always been fascinated by places, people and cultures, photography has been the perfect medium to capture and store the emotions of a moment in time. It has allowed me to stop and find stillness in this fast paced world and to glimpse into different lives. With fine art photography, the aim is to bring the environment; the story behind a moment directly into the imagination of the viewer, resulting in them feeling connected to the subject. I find that taking the photograph is just the beginning of a long journey of creativity.

I undertake commissions for various photographic projects including portraits, events and weddings.

Whether it is a creative portrait, a music album shoot, a wedding or event or headshots, I have a unique ability to capture the essence and true personality of my client. From years of experience in working with designers and directors in creating visual effects my photography is not just an image but tells a story. It is a true collaboration with the client from concept to completion. I create a fun and relaxed atmosphere for the shoot and ensure that my client is at ease. Wherever possible I combine a portable lighting system with natural light to create beautiful mood and form. Each image is a piece of fine art just waiting to be displayed and shared.

My photograph “Essaouira Street” was selected for the Royal Academy of Arts summer exhibition 2009 and exhibited at the Portland Gallery in London. I have had solo shows at Waterman’s and the Tricycle Gallery in London. I have exhibited at Los Angeles Art Association and my work is in private collections in the UK, USA and Australia.

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