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Power & Grace

Sports photography requires a keen sense of timing as well as an appreciation of movement and form.  Generally sports photographers look to freeze the action OR convey a sense of fluidity, power and grace as in some of the examples below.


© Adam Stoltman

Both require different techniques, yet both require staying “in tune”, as well as understanding the concept of peak action.  Literally, this is the moment when a particular movement reaches its apex, as in the photograph of the diver.  Her body is at full extension as she reaches the “peak” of her jump.  The silouhette also accentuates the athletic form.   No matter what sport you are photographing these peak moments occur, and you can train your eye to see them.


© Adam Stoltman

The football and ski jumping images record similar peak moments — the lineman springing off the snap of the ball, their bodies fully extended and impacted the on rushing defenders, and the jumper in full flight, his body completely extended over his skis — however here, rather than “freezing” the action with a fast shutter speed, a longer exposure allows the camera to record the movement in a more fluid manner, creating an entirely different effect.


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