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Photo by Jimmy Fikes, DPA Instructor in Los Angeles
For this graphic image of a pool in Mexico Jimmy has used NIK Software to add structure and detail to the sparkling ripples while bringing out the details of the tiles on the bottom of the pool. The distortion of the tile grid caused by refraction in the water makes this element meld beautifully with the organic shapes and patterns of the reflecting sun on the surface. The viewers eye continues to jump between the grid and the organic shapes blurring the distinction between foreground and background creating a spectacular optical illusion.

Correcting Digital Files: Shooting events out on the water, either at the beach, on a boat, or anywhere there are harsh reflections, glare and difficult lighting conditions can sometimes present challenges and exposure difficulties. If you shot JPEGS and your photographs are not what you hoped for, say you ran into problems with exposure or color balance there are steps you can follow to rescue certain images. Try running the Jpegs through the RAW processing function of your Camera RAW Import software, this will enable you to recover more info than attempting to fix a straight Jpeg. In camera RAW pull the contrast back etc. If you have multiple images with the same problems you can make adjustments and then process in batches so you’re not spending hours processing. I recommend an edit first and then process the edit only, not all the images. Depending on the length, size of the shoot and edit should not take that long. If you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements you can edit very quickly in Bridge, the compliment to Photoshop. More troublesome images can the subsequently be processed using NIK Software. NIK Viveza 2 is great for spot (or global) corrections when adjusting color and exposure problems.


Photo by Frank Siteman, DPA Instructor Boston
The beautiful, elegant breaking wave photo above by Frank Siteman is a great shot of an image that would look striking enlarged to a grand scale. Imagine this photo enlarged to 6×9 feet on the wall of clients beach house, thus enabling them to bring the water element inside to expand their vacation house theme.

Prints: Many clients are surprised by how much a photographer charges for finished prints but it’s important to remember photographers are not charging for the actual prints which might only cost $1.50 for a 5×7, they’re charging for their color correction time, time to upload the images and for quality control. If a client not happy with the prints the photographer may need to do them again out of pocket. Many photographers make a lot of money from prints, almost as much as the shoot. But some like me don’t want to bother with prints and prefer clients to make there own. When shooting a wedding or event some photographers just shoot it and hand over a disk without editing or making any adjustments to the digital files before. When ever I work this way I tell them first, reminding clients they will save money by making their own prints. People usually go for it but it can come as a shock if you they are not warned beforehand.


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