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Storytelling in a Landscape

In this image, I love how the viewer is led through the landscape.  Bright yellow flowers, on camera right, begin a path over and around lichen-covered rocks and red earth. As we near the end of the trail—a heavy sky opens up, ready perhaps to spill its rain. The gray clouds help create an atmosphere of soft diffused light and shadow-less color, while the gentle slope of the rocks and meandering trail give motion to an otherwise still composition.

The image gives us a sense of farawayness, and we are left wondering about the spaces and moments beyond the frame. What looms behind the rocks?  Where are they now resting? Near the edge of a cliff, or in the middle of an open plain? Will the inclement sky make good on its promise?  In this photograph, then, what is not revealed is as intriguing as what is. Herein lie a series of questions, quietly demanding our attention.

Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 (simple mode)

Angilee Tip2

© Angilee Wilkerson, Dallas DPA Instructor


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