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Street Portraits in Viterbo


Patrick is the director for the Viterbo campus of SYA, attended by 47 American high school students who live with 47 host families, including the Vitti’s who took on our daughter as a boarder for the 10 months of her junior year. It is through them and the other families that we will have private access to many different settings for our classes for making still and moving images.

Portraits20Even if the host families did not create private access for photos in restaurants,  spa’s, parks, churches and other great spaces, the streets and its strollers offer great photographs as well. This gentleman was about to step into his vehicle, where his wife was waiting but cheerfuly stopped to allow us to take his photo.


A casual hangout with great music and great espresso. Sergio was always happy to see us and let us take his photo. The other patrons were also friendly and posed as well.


Marco was at Sergio’s place each time we dropped in for an espresso.


In the 12 days we were in Viterbo, back in January of this year, we met at least 25 people, young and old, who are looking forward to model for the group. There are also professional models who we will work with.


One of the many stylish locals of Viterbo, at Sergio’s cafe. Notice any similarity in their hair styles?


And another of Sergio’s patrons.


Everyone who lives in Viterbo has a garden and they buy their supplies from this gentleman.


The gourmet food is inexpensive and delicious. Again, the owners and general staff could not have been more welcoming.


Gourmet shops are everywhere in Viterbo as the case in each of the neighboring towns, allowing for charming environmental portraits, with and without people.


The local bankers.


A couple of guys on the street.


The local pharmacist.


Just a friendly resident with her own style.


Another restaurant, sleek and beautifully designed, with amazing food and beautiful décor. We had stopped in before “happy hour” began, at around 5:30 PM and the place was empty. Lorenzo served us and gave us as much as we wanted of each dish, one more delicious than the next. The bill was about 10 euro per person.  A night time meal and shoot here will be produced.


It seems a number of restaurants have their own signature wine.


An hour or 2 later, we were still there, and the place was still empty, but in came the owners. We sat and chatted and they are happy to provide the space for a meal and a photo shoot, at night.


That’s me with Gianluca. He was patient with my efforts to speak the language. He seems to know everyone and every place in Viterbo and the locales within the surrounding 30 miles. You will become friendly with him and he has even offered to get the local fire department to pose for us since he is on the volunteer force.


Here, where the bread for most restaurants is prepared and delivered to the cities restaurants and retail establishments, we will have environmental portrait shoots. You might sample the bread, called pizza, as well. Gianluca, brought us here on the way one morning, when he was bringing us out to a country farm, that belongs to a friend. The “country farm” was more like a high end country home, with 40 acres of greenery and olive trees, overlooking a panorama of forrest, accessorized by Etruscan ruins.


This is the back room of a gallery which is the center of fine art in the area and we will be invited to events in the evenings if we have the time and energy.


There is Gianluca again. With him is a local vintner, bringing a bottle of a new sparkling white wine. We all had a taste.


Gianluca’s restaurant will be a frequent stop, right in the city next to all the other sites where we will be shooting. He will be open whenever we want even though lots of restaurants have the typical afternoon respite from commerce.



Gennelle comes from Africa and is making her future in Viterbo.


We were all waiting for a local parade to appear. I was into it.


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