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The Right Location + Time of Day = Success

This landscape photograph was taken late in the day. I was driving to Vermont to visit friends and saw the sky becoming more and more colorful. I knew that their farm was picturesque and wanted to get there before the colors faded, so, without speeding, I made a beeline for their home. It helps to have a location in mind, and then wait for the right time of day.

Kathy MarieClaire

Early in the morning and late day skies can be incredibly colorful and dramatic, but they don′t last long, so make sure your camera is ready to go. Have an extra charged battery on hand. Choose an exposure ahead of time that is in the right range, since, when the light is right, you want to be concentrating on your composition, not trying to find the ISO button. A tripod is very handy in low light situations. Then, take the time to look around, the best shot may be behind you!


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