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The Spirit of Family


Making a great family photo is all about the spirit of the family – if they are an exuberant bunch, it′s up to the photographer to capture that! One approach is to mirror the emotions you′ll want to elicit – while looking through the camera yell, laugh, say silly things, keep asking for more and more and more… while paying attention to the action, and looking for the peak moment to release the shutter. Try to position the group in the shade, facing towards the open sky – be sure to have no sunlight hitting them directly! Bring an old white bed sheet, and throw it on the ground in front of them – it will reflect light into the shadows, and keep some of the green light reflected off the grass, off them! Finally, it doesn′t hurt to pull out the Lensbaby! Everyone loves the soft, romantic look it creates – especially Mom! Take lots and lots of frames quickly, then edit them later in your computer for your best shot!


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