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Using Evening Light

There is a certain light that happens only on a summer evening. You know what I′m talking about, that light that makes everything glow. The “magic hour”, whatever you choose to call it. Many things happen at this time of day. Wildlife becomes more active. Insects hatch on trout streams. And your cousin who hasn′t caught a fish all day finally fools a trout into taking his fly. When all these elements present themselves, be ready and you′ll come away with some memorable images.

When photographing someone with a fish, on a lake or a stream, bring them close to water level. If they are wearing sunglasses have them take them off. Are they wearing a hat? Raise the bill a little so you can see their face. Is the sun at their back? Use a fill flash. Focus on the fish and recompose the image, let the person fall a little out of focus. Include the background by using a wider lens and getting closer to your subject, it gives the photo a sense of place.

© 2007 Michael Dvorak, Minneapolis DPA Instructor

Think of your photo as a small narrative of the moment. It may seem like a lot to think about, but the more you do it the more it just becomes second nature. And remember, these are just tips not rules.


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