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Food Photography Tips

Food Photography Tips

Accessorizing your Food on Site

©Michael Hart Shiny silverware and a flower arrangement can help to make any dessert item fit for a magazine cover. This tiramisu is even more eye catching thanks to its border of strawberries and the color of the pudding itself is enhanced against the table cloth of a similar shade.  The birds eye view makes you want to dive right in! ©Michael Hart ©Michael Hart

Using Bounced Light in Food Photographs

© Michael Steinberg This shot was taken at a wedding reception by a Nikon 70-200 vr2 camera with a sb900 flash bounced from the left side off the ceiling as the main light with a bounce from a sb900 flash set to exposure compensation of -2 stop on camera. taken at a wedding reception. Colors were emphisized in Nik Color Effex Pro  and contrast was added.

Create a Scene with Your Food Photographs

© Michael Hart Birds eye view works for desserts but an image that employs depth of field can be effective too!  Create an impressionistic sensibility of the denouement of an unforgettable feast by posing the main dish in the foreground and variations of the theme, platters vases decanters and the likes in the background.

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