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Peter Thoeny

Peter Thoeny

Tip – Balance: Radial & One-point Perspective

Ask, how can radial lines make a scene stand out?

Tip – Balance: Asymmetrical

Ask, what lines bring balance or depth to a scene? 

Ask, how can objects be arranged in foreground, middle ground, and background to bring balance?

Tip – Balance: Symmetrical

Ask, what horizontal symmetry may look interesting? 

Ask, what vertical symmetry may look interesting?

Tip – Colors, Saturation and Contrast

Ask, how can different colors and color palettes bring balance? 

Ask, how much saturation and contrast do I need? Study complementary colors, as well as color palettes (web designers are familiar with this)

Tip – Lights, Shadows and Backlight

Ask, how can lights and shadows make a scene more vibrant? 

Ask, how can backlight make a scene more interesting?

Monochrome vs. Color

Ask, is color needed? Look at shapes and patterns. 

Ask, how much contrast do I need for monochrome images?

Proportion and Compression

Ask, what size should the subject be in a scene? 

Ask, how is the compression of a long lens perceived?

Tip – Reflections

Ask, how can reflections bring balance to a scene? 

Tip – Vantage Point

Ask, what is a better fit, high vantage point, eye level, or low? Ask, what would it look like straight up, down, or another weird angle?

Tip – Framing, Anchor, Foreground, Background

Choosing a frame for your composition and ensuring the photo foreground and background complement each other

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