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Product Advice

Student Question and Review of Nikon D850

My daughter just graduated college and she has purchased a Nikon D850 SLR and a 18-140 lens. She would like to purchase a Nikon 70-300. Do you have any recommendations for her on that lens or a different one that may be a better choice for her?

Which Gear is Right for You?

Donald Peters lists the essential and nice-to-have gear for photographers.

Shooting Video on HD DSLR Still Cameras, Workflow, Stabilization Rigs and Brackets

I get a number of inquiries from students who are moving into DSLR Video shooting (shooting HD Video on a DSLR camera). Obviously for quick, down and dirty video you only need a video capable camera. But once you dive in, you should learn a few tricks and you will covet a few gadgets.

Buying a Laptop VS Desktop; Laptops in the Field; Image Back-Up

With any Laptop the considerations are size, weight, speed, memory and cost. A smaller screen and slower processor with less RAM will significantly reduce the cost but then it’s difficult to use as a primary computer. A small computer screen is really only useful as a carry around reference on location type of computer. Unfortunately one computer, much like any one camera, does not do everything. You need to weigh cost and size against portability etc.

Softboxes and Umbrellas

Studio lighting can range from simple to elaborate. What you purchase depends on the needs of your clients, the size of your studio, the size of your bank account, and the effects you want to create. Very pleasing results can be achieved with a basic set up of one diffused light and a reflector. Diffusion can be created via the use of a soft box, a flash bounced into an umbrella, or a flash bounced off a white ceiling or wall. Additional lights broaden the potential to illuminate a backdrop, to create separation from the background by rim lighting the subject from behind, or as an accent light. This light can come from a different angle other than the main light or snooted to funnel the light to a given location to highlight a specific detail.

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