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Live Online Photo Critique with Matt Lit

Live Online Photo Critique with Matt Lit

Teaching the technical, instilling the passion and providing the inspiration to help students attain their photographic visions.

Take your photography to the next level, from your own home, with the help of one of our top photo instructors, Matt Lit. Over Zoom videoconference and screen sharing, Matt will help you improve your photography and recommend a workflow to enhance your images!

How it Works

You’ll send us your original images whether JPEG, RAW or converted to DNG format. We’ll cover a number of topics from import (workflow), editing (choosing, renaming, keywords and collections), post processing including basic approaches to enhancing your images to bring out their best, exporting and working with exported images. 

Sessions can be tailored specific to your needs. They’ll include access to my workflow tutorial videos for your follow-up reference. Click here to see other Digital Photo Academy online video tutorials.

A typical one to 1.5-hour online session with Matt Lit costs $125 and can include: 

  • Workflow in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Bridge
  • Using Bridge to download images from camera card and organize in folders
  • Importing photos into Lightroom
  • The difference between editing and post-processing
  • Choosing “picks” and rating your images
  • Keywording and collections
  • Lightroom’s post-processing tools
  • Technical settings and examining metadata
  • Discussion of your vision
  • Exporting to various formats
  • Optimal sizing and watermark creation
  • Using Bridge to manage your exported files
  • … and more! Just ask.

Note also that we offer live in-person monthly group workshops and private live classes in 24 cities. If you have questions call us on our toll free number at 877 372 2231. If the answering machine picks up we promise to get back to you within 24 hours so please do leave a message.

From your Zoom instructor, Matt Lit:

I’m a Digital Photo Academy instructor with 40 years of photographing and 20+ years of teaching photography in higher education, private workshops and youth programs. My passion is passing along my photography abilities to students. I hold a degree in Photojournalism, a Colorado Teaching Certificate, a Career Technical Equivalency (for teaching college-level classes) and continue to expand my post-secondary education through higher education workshops, professional development and courses on teaching methods.

I’ve served as an Adobe Campus Leader and have earned the following Adobe EDU certifications:

  • Adobe Campus Leader
  • Adobe Digital Photography Educator
  • Adobe Photojournalism
  • Adobe Youth Voices

I’ve been doing online critiques with my online college students since 2013. Now you can benefit and make the images you just captured in your workshop shine! 

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