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Carl Finkbeiner News and Views

Carl Finkbeiner News and Views

October 2023, Rule of Thirds

NEWS: Upcoming workshops; new landscape photo. VIEWS: Rule of Thirds - what it is and when to take it seriously.

September 2023, Pictures of Pictures

NEWS: Upcoming workshops; new sculpture photo; enlarged view. VIEWS: tips for getting a good picture of anything flat under glass with setup for shooting and editing in post.

August 2023, Great Portrait Photographers

NEWS: upcoming workshops, new photo of Upper Antelope Canyon. VIEWS: great portrait photographers Richard Avedon, Nadav Kander, Annie Leibovitz, Steve McCurry

July 2023, Studying Portrait Painting

NEWS: A new photo: Niagara Falls. VIEWS: what photographers can learn from a great portrait painting - Juan de Pareja by Diego Velázquez

June 2023, Lines in Images

NEWS: July workshop; sustainability on my website platform; new photo of frame of Franklin's house; VIEWS: Lines in images - horizontal, vertical, diagonal, curving, leading lines affect feel and draw the eye

May 2023, Great Landscape Photographers

NEWS: Upcoming workshops July & August, new flower photo. VIEWS: Landscape photographers I admire - Ansel Adams, Eliot Porter, Steve McCurry.

April 2023, Flower Photography

NEWS: new spring crocus photo; Apple/Google Pay available. VIEWS: feedback on minimalism; flower photography tips.

March 2023, Simplicity vs. Complexity

NEWS: A new spring flower photo; enlarged view; buying options. VIEWS: comparison of with and without foreground branches in Hudson River image; discussion of simplicity and complexity in composition.

February 2023, Thoughts on Art

Intro to News & Views newsletter. NEWS: the 3 sections on (Fine Art, Artifact, Classes). VIEWS: my goal in art (to be pulled out of myself); example - Hudson River Dawn full description.

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