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Facebook Promotions – Terms and Conditions

Facebook Promotions – Terms and Conditions

Below are a set of terms and conditions for our social media promotions. 

Terms and conditions for our Facebook contests: 

Entrance eligibility, i.e. who is allowed to enter our contests: 

We do not restrict anyone from entering our contests. However, because we select winners from our Facebook groups, contest applicants must be a member of the group they post in.  

How to enter the contests: 

Our social media members are automatically enrolled in our contests when they post an original photo on one of our Facebook community pages (either our “Digital Photo Academy Community” Facebook group or our “Celebrating Senior Shutterbugs” Facebook group.) 

A detailed description of our prizes: 

Winners will be awarded an 11 x 14″ White Gloss HD Metal Print of their winning photograph, created and shipped by 

Details on when and how winners are picked: 

Winners are selected by a judge before the end of each month. 

How winners will receive their prizes: 

Winners will receive their prizes by mail, shipped from, as long as they consent to providing us with their shipping address and phone number. 

Start and end dates for the contest: 

Our contests are conducted each month. A singular contest’s start date is the first day of each month, and its end date is the last day of each month. 

Additional Notes: 

  • We require participants to (a) fully release and hold Facebook/Meta harmless from liability, and (b) acknowledge that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook/Meta.  
  • Our promotions do not require or incentivize participants to share, repost, tag others, or in any other way publicize our promotions.  
  • Our contests require effort, and the winners are selected by a judge. We do not engage in gambling or gaming activities which may require permission from Facebook. 
  • Our promotions are in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook/Meta. 
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