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Castleberry Hill


Castleberry Hill

Join our photo lessons in Castleberry Hill, which is one of the excellent locales in the rotation of many Atlanta Venus that offer terrific photo opportunities.

Among Atlanta’s destinations on the National Historic Registry is Castleberry Hill, quite familiar to those who are fans of the popular television show, “Walking Dead,”  since this region is often used as a film set for the show. Take a walk around Castleberry Hill and you just might put your camera back in its case. Don’t. Initial impressions don’t reveal much to capture with a bland retail and residential “lofts” around a single street. The community has undergone a significant revival with turn of the century buildings renovated into luxury condos, peppered by colorful front doors, vibrant wall murals, outdoor sculptures and lots of art galleries and boutique restaurants. The streets and alleyways serve as great backdrops for compelling portraits so walk away with some great shots of yourself as well others who attend the workshop. Expect great photo ops that serve as a venue to make new photo enthusiast friends. Other compelling architectural sites within a 5 minute walk include the Mercedes Benz Stadium and a unique view of the downtown Atlanta Skyline.

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