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Chinatown Toronto

Chinatown Toronto

The cost of traveling around the world today is monumental. Between airfare, hotels, and passports, it can become an impossibility to see the entire world we live in. It is possible, however, to join your DPA instructor on a photography excursion to an exotic place with a completely different culture without breaking the bank.

Chinatown is a vibrant place, full of bright colors and prints. Your instructor will teach you to develop a practiced eye, able to discern which colors will compliment or contrast with each other in the most interesting ways.

It is also the perfect place to find expressive and visually compelling murals and street art.

You can practice all different kinds of photography — create compelling portraits of street vendors, capture a still-life of exotic fruit, use a mural as a backdrop for a shot of playing children. By the end of the class, you will find yourself better equipped to create powerful images.

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