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Philadelphia Free Library

Philadelphia Free Library

Philadelphia Free Library

Join our photo lessons at the Philadelphia Free Library, which is one of the excellent locales in the rotation of many Philadelphia venues that offer terrific photo opportunities.
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Venue Description:

Though the Free Library was established in 1891, it did not find its present home on Vine Street until this building was completed in 1927.  The grand Beaux-Arts building was designed by Julian Abele in the office of prominent Philadelphia architect Horace Trumbauer and was modeled after a hotel on Paris’s Place de la Concorde.  As you can see in the gallery of pictures above, there are some fascinating architectural details, beginning with the entrance and the grand staircase.

The great thing about buildings is that they don’t move, providing you with the opportunity to stalk your images, that is, to study a scene, walk around it and find the best angles and light fall for an image.  And, of course, we can wander around outside the library and get lots of interesting architecture and street photo opportunities, including some wonderful views of the Center City skyline.If there is time, we will also be able to photograph inside the magnificent Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter & Paul across Logan Square from the Library.

The alternately vast and intimate spaces in the library will provide you plenty of opportunity to study different ways to approach perspective, line, and light in photography, with composition tips from your instructor.  Your instructor will help you build a portfolio of images of this grand setting. You will be creatively stimulated while learning more about controlling image composition with camera settings and the use of ambient light to make great photos.  Your instructor will help you use ambient lighting for dramatic shots with silhouettes, back lighting, etc. Learn to use leading lines and depth of field to make pleasing images. If you prefer abstract photography, you will get tips on how to adjust depth of field and focus to create strong abstract images. If there is time and availability, we will also be able to photograph inside the magnificent Cathedral Basilica of St. Peter & Paul across Logan Square from the Library.

Meeting Spot:

We will meet in the Heim Center immediately behind the grand staircase facing the front doors as you enter from Vine Street.  There is plenty of public transit that serves this area, including buses, subways and regional rail. There is a lot of on-street parking around the library, for which you must use the parking kiosks to pay for a ticket for inside your windshield.  There is also a PPA parking lot one block north of the library on Callowhill Street between 19th and 20th Streets, and there is handicapped parking and access ramps behind the building on Wood Street.

1901 Vine St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

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