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Mission Statement:

At Digital Photo Academy, we believe in the transformative power of photography. As part of our mission, we’re proud to introduce “Celebrating Senior Shutterbugs,” an initiative that recognizes the immense value of senior citizens.

Photography is a delightful and fulfilling means of self-expression, promoting not only light physical activity but also active mental engagement. Moreover, photography is a vehicle for social interaction, connecting individuals with old and new friends who share the passion for capturing life through a lens. The photographs you create become not just images but a meaningful form of communication with family and the world at large.

While it’s good to enjoy some quiet time, we want to guide you towards engaging activities that infuse purpose into your leisure. Join us, discover inspiring places, and share your inspiration with others.

Flexible Number of Private or Group Gathering Photo Lessons

  • Join a private workshop on your own, scheduled around your choice of place and schedule up to a single group of 8 with an additional instructor with each additional group of 8.
  • Developing and/or enhancing your skills as a photographer whether using a cellphone or a regular camera
  • Tap into your creative self expression
  • Great way to communicate with family & friends or meet new friends
  • Creative use of free time while getting in some light exercise for your body and mind, all live and guided by a professional photographer.

Pricing for Each 2 Hour Workshop

  • For 1 person: $137.5 per person (Total: $137.5)
  • For 2 people: $125 per person (Total: $250)
  • For 3 people: $112.5 per person (Total: $337.5)
  • For 4 people: $100 per person (Total: $400)
  • For 5 people: $85 per person (Total: $425)
  • For 6 people: $75 per person (Total: $450)
  • For 7 people: $60 per person (Total: $420)
  • For 8 people: $50 per person (Total: $400)

Discounted Prices (10% off after first week):

Multiple workshops provide further discounts!

After the first week, each additional week offers 10% off the total price.

  • For 1 person: $123.75 per person (Total: $123.75)
  • For 2 people: $112.50 per person (Total: $225)
  • For 3 people: $101.25 per person (Total: $303.75)
  • For 4 people: $90 per person (Total: $360)
  • For 5 people: $76.50 per person (Total: $382.5)
  • For 6 people: $67.50 per person (Total: $405)
  • For 7 people: $54 per person (Total: $378)
  • For 8 people: $45 per person (Total: $360)

Digital Photo Academy

  • Founded in 2006
  • Live classes in 52 Cities
  • Partners with professional photographers who live where they teach
  • Has over 1,000 student testimonials
  • Holds 576 live small group photo classes annually
  • DPA provides instruction for:
    • Cell Phones
    • DSLR Cameras
    • Mirrorless Cameras
    • Composition
    • Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Texting, Albums)
    • Photo enhancement through post capture
    • “A Day in Your Life,” with Photographs


Our Six-Session Course

Introduced by “Pixels”, the Digital Photo Academy Mascot

Private or group options, pick any or all sessions

Session 1 — Operating your camera and/or cellphone

Session 2 — Composing Powerful Images Part I (Leading Lines, Patterns and Textures, Rule of Thirds)

Session 3- Composing Powerful Images Part II (Shadows and Silhouettes, Simplicity, Angles)

Session 4 — Challenges of Different Lighting

Session 5 — “A Day in Your Life,” Learn to capture images that tell your story.

Session 6 — Sharing Your Photographs with Family, Old Friends, and New Friends (Texting, Facebook, Instagram, Albums, Emailing)

Session One: Operating Your Camera and/or Cellphone


  • Learning automatic controls — what effect they create, how to access each control of cameras and/or cellphones
  • Learning the power of manual controls to override automatic operation limitations of cameras and/or cellphones
  • Learning about light
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting scenarios
  • How time of day affects your photographs
  • Inexpensive and free apps for your cellphone



canon camera MYCC

cellphone generic MYCC

Session Two: Composing Powerful Images, Part I


  • Quick Review of how to engage camera and/or cell phone for taking photos
  • Click for Leading Lines inspirational slideshow

Create images that show the viewer exactly what spot within the photo is the starting point on which to focus and which path, in and around, within the frame the eye should follow. Showcase what is important in the image.

Let the viewer lose themselves in your image.

The main subject off center allows a visually dynamic balance of important details. Create comfortable room to add interesting details about the main subject.


Session Three: Composing Powerful Images, Part II


  • Quick Review of how to engage camera and/or cell phone for taking photos
  • Click for Shadows and Silhouettes inspirational slideshow. Add drama to your image, whether haunting, cheerful, mysterious or simply compelling.
  • Click for Simplicity inspirational slideshow: Profound and thought provoking. Simple photographs can convey complex narratives.
  • Click for Angles inspirational slideshow: What’s in front, what’s in back, what’s below, what’s above can make the difference between an inspirational scenic or a whimsical point of view. Make the ordinary extraordinary.


Session Four: Challenges of different lighting


  • Quick Review of how to engage camera and/or cell phone for taking photos.
  • Natural Light (Window Lighting, Bright Sunlight, Dim Lighting, Incandescent, Florescent)
  • Each kind of light requires different controls on your camera or cell phone
  • Waiting for the light
  • Different lighting means different moods
  • Capturing sunsets
  • Savoring the “blue light” twenty minutes after sunset or twenty minutes before sunrise

Click here to view inspirational slideshows using varying lighting

Session Five: “My Life in Photos” — Photographing your Story

  • Quick Review of how to engage camera and/or cell phone for taking photos
  • Visual sense of who, what, when, where
  • Starting at the beginning
  • Important symbols, keepsakes, mementos • Who are the stars in your life?
  • Capturing the mood


  • Examples of the photographs you might take to capture a day in your life:


  • With your camera you can look at your life and capture blessings and even share it with friends and family in portfolios which you’ll learn how to do in this session. Soon, you will be able to do this in a day or across a week on your own or with a companion, and develop an intuitive sense of which pictures best tell your story. Your instructor will explain the photojournalistic thinking so you can select which images to capture your story. Share the images with others in the group and the instructor for insightful feedback. Go out for extended periods with the instructor for in-depth, at the moment, instruction.
  • You can start off with a photograph of your breakfast or the beautiful view outside your window.
  • You know that you enjoyed your lunch and want to show someone else how delicious it looked.
  • What about stopping to smell the roses, maybe even joining a local garden club? 
  • Someplace nearby, maybe you have a favorite walking place to replenish yourself. 
  • Then of course there’s keeping up with family activities.
  • Any special evening activity that was an exhilarating experience?
  • It’s time to say goodnight. 

Good Morning

Lunch / Photo-Op

Garden Walk

Beach Walk

Billy’s Baseball Game

Visiting Guest Performers

Bedtime Window View

Session Six: Sharing your photographs with Family, Old Friends, and New Friends

Digital Photo Academy instructor demonstrates ways to keep in touch with friends and family across email, texting and a variety of social media. Periodically you will sit with the instructor and post your favorite images and captions. Your instructor will supervise every step of the way and your day-in-your-life stories can inspire loved ones, friends and other social media followers.

  • Working with your instructor to manage memory card image selection and/or cellphone texting
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Emailing & Texting your photos with captions
  • Albums
  • Photo books

Beyond Six Weeks: Countless Options in your Neighborhood and Nearby Locations

  • Panning
  • Organizing & Enhancing Your Photos on the Computer
  • Photographing Parties and Group Gatherings
  • Portraiture
  • Still Life
  • Painting with Light
  • Sunsets/Sunrises
  • Landscapes
  • Flowers
  • Environmental Portraits
  • Macro
  • Animals
  • Birds in Flight
  • Wildlife
  • Sports
  • Group Portraits
  • Table Top
  • Street Scenes
  • Architecture

Getting the word out

Information for activity directors at senior facilities

A Digital Photo Academy instructor can come and give you an complementary introductory presentation.

The image on the right illustrates the on-premises printed signage posted by an authorized Digital Photo Academy instructor or targeted email to promote interest.

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