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Steven Greaves

Steven Greaves is an architectural and commerical photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.

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What Students Are Saying

“Steven, I had an amazing time this morning!!!!! Thank you so much for your patience and not making us feel like inexperienced dummies when it came to our cameras. Thanks SO MUCH for the picture! I’ll definitely going check out the album you’ve attached and get back to you.”
—Student Trudi

“Thank you for your tips you proved at the workshop. I’ve been using them they are helping a lot. Thank you”
—Stuent Patrick

“Thanks, Steven. Today’s class really started to change the way I take photos. I used to be one of those people who just point and shoot and call it a day. I like to do challenging things in life, therefore I am going to keep practicing. My camera was given to me as a gift back in April and I wish I had put more effort into learning/playing around with it, but late is better than never.”

“I took the Intro to DSLR class yesterday with Steven Greaves. I had to let you know that this class was excellent and was certainly worth giving DPA a try. Steven was great – I am a beginner and the other student was more advanced and I felt he catered to both of us. He actually physically showed us the settings on our cameras, what everything did, what we should be looking at from both a technical and creative standpoint, and really gave a well-rounded overview of the DSLR. He is clearly a talented photographer, but a modest one – showing us his images as helpful examples rather than self-promotion. He knew the technical terms and was able to explain them clearly, in an easy-to-understand way for me, as I am very new to the DSLR terminology. He took us out to try different types of shots, showing us how the different settings affect the image, was able to give clear step-by-step instructions on how to take a great image and what settings to use and how to tell when to adjust them. Overall, it was a VERY valuable four hours filled with great information.
Just had to let you know that I’m really satisfied with this class. I feel like I got a lot out of it and will be looking into additional classes.”

“Enjoyed the class. Very informative. Can’t wait to get out and try some new things with my camera.”

“Thank YOU for an informative and easy class on my camera!”

“Wonderful class and hope to take more in the future. Thanks for taking the time to answer my many questions.”
—Annie Graziani

“Thank you!! The class was exactly what I needed. You have taught me to be the basics and from that I will continue to build my skills. I am not as “afraid” to use the manual setting.

I would definitely recommend the class as well as you as the instructor.”


“Thank you. I just got in and, guess what (YOU TOLD ME SO) I fell in love with the RAW pictures better than the jpeg ones. Took a lot less “rubbing” and “editing.” And, for the record, they were shot in MANUAL MODE. Thanks teacher!”


“Thank you so much for such an informative class. I will definitely be signing up for additional classes, once I get a little more practice under my belt. Thanks for being so patient and thorough. You are an excellent instructor.”

—Marilena Eatman

“Thanks so much for the wonderful workshop. You definitely inspired my daughter and I to think “outside the box”. It was a great experience and we truly enjoyed it. Let us know if you are teaching any other workshops this summer or in the fall”


“Thank you for the workshop and for answering all my questions (even stealing a little extra time). I had a great time and learned new things in order to get better pictures. Specially I got a real interest in “control my camera” instead of being controlled by it. Of course I’ll buy a reflex to really start doing it.

I still can’t shut a leading line. I find it so difficult. It’s a real challenge and so I’ll keep working on it.

Looking forward to attend new workshops.”

—Silvia Rivera

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