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December 2023 DPA Newsletter

December 2023 DPA Newsletter:

Elevate Your Photos with Bokeh

Get $300 Off Travel Workshops

December FinerWorks Winners!

As the year draws to a close, we’re filled with gratitude for the shared moments, creativity, and passion you’ve brought to our photography community. In this special December edition, let’s capture the spirit of the season together.

Digital Photo Academy is pleased to bring you the latest updates and photography inspiration in our recently relaunched monthly newsletter. This is all made possible by our valued sponsor, FinerWorks.

The Art of Bokeh

‘Tis the season for bokeh magic! Explore the art of creating mesmerizing bokeh effects with holiday lights, transforming ordinary scenes into enchanting winter wonderlands.

Photo by Digital Photo Academy Chicago Instructor Ronald Leon Hale

Bokeh refers to the aesthetic quality of the out-of-focus areas in a photograph, often created by a shallow depth of field when using a camera with a wide aperture. The term comes from the Japanese word “boke,” which means blur or haze. Bokeh is an especially popular technique in portrait and macro photography, where the main subject is in sharp focus, while the background is intentionally blurred.

Photo by Digital Photo Academy Orlando Instructor Micheal Kennedy

Photographers often use lenses with large maximum apertures (small f-stop numbers, such as f/1.4 or f/2.8) to achieve a shallow depth of field and create pleasing bokeh. The shape and quality of bokeh can vary depending on factors such as the lens design, aperture shape, and the characteristics of the out-of-focus elements in the scene.

New Instructor Announcement

We’re excited to announce that instructor Thaddeus B. Kubis will be joining our team!

He’ll be teaching Hudson Valley workshops along with our other pro teachers.

With 25 years of experience as a photography instructor, Thad makes photography education accessible and enjoyable through both in-person sessions and online platforms like Zoom. He’s got expert knowledge on composition, as well as smartphone, DSLR, film, and large format.

$300 Discount on Thad’s Workshops Abroad

Thad’s photos of Scotland, the Caribbean, and Italy

In 2024, Thad will be leading weeklong photographic workshops in Scotland, Ireland, Italy, and the Caribbean. He’s excited to offer our Digital Photo Academy database a $300 discount for these travel workshops!

To inquire about these workshops and the DPA discount:

Call Thad at 917-597-1891 or email him at

Just mention Digital Photo Academy in your correspondence to get the discount.

Seasonal Photo Ops

Algonquin Park offers captivating holiday photo opportunities year-round. Whether adorned with spring blossoms or blanketed in snow, the park’s scenic beauty is a photographer’s delight. Read more about it here.

December FinerWorks Award Winners

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We choose one winner from each of our Facebook groups:

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Posted on our “Celebrating Senior Shutterbugs” Facebook group by Phyllis Fitzsimons:

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