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February 2024 DPA Newsletter

February 2024 DPA Newsletter:

Stunning Landscapes of the West

$250 Off Milky Way Photo Workshops!

February FinerWorks Winners!

Photo by Geoff Reed, a Digital Photo Academy instructor in Phoenix.

Greetings and a warm welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter! February is here, bringing with it a fresh wave of inspiration and community spirit. Join us as we embark on another journey through the highlights and happenings that make our community truly special.

Digital Photo Academy is pleased to bring you the latest updates and photography inspiration in our recently relaunched monthly newsletter. This is all made possible by our valued sponsor, FinerWorks.

Stunning Landscapes of the West

Master the art of photographing stunning western landscapes with expert tips from photographer Austin James Jackson. Whether it’s capturing the drama of mountain peaks or the allure of coasts, these invaluable insights apply to any location.

The four photos below were taken by Austin James Jackson.

1: Picking the right shutter speed is crucial for seascapes. A shutter speed of 1 second here was fast enough to show streaks in the water, yet slow enough to keep things plenty smooth. Generally, around 1 second is going to be a great choice for most shots with moving water.

2: You can achieve incredible star trail images like this one in-camera by leaving your camera on a tripod and setting your shutter speed to multiple hours long.

3: Waiting for the right light is crucial. By capturing this image with the sunlight on the island, it adds a lot more depth and interest to the scene.

4: Adding contrast in the foreground and removing it in the background with post processing software can help to give your images depth and dimension. Most photo editing softwares have the ability to make local adjustments, which is how you achieve this effect.

$250 Discount on Travel Photo Workshops with Austin James Jackson

We’re excited to announce our endorsement of photo educator Austin James Jackson! Austin teaches landscape photo workshops in Utah, Oregon, Washington, and California.

On these multi-day workshops, Austin focuses on helping his clients improve their photography and learn to take natural looking landscape photos. In addition to substantial in-the-field sessions, Austin also covers photo editing in both Lightroom and Photoshop.

In 2024, Austin is leading a Milky Way panorama workshop in Utah, and two Milky Way workshops in Oregon and Washington, respectively. He’s excited to offer a $250 discount on all of these workshops exclusively for subscribers to Digital Photo Academy.


April 7th – 12th, 2024 (5 nights)


July 29th – August 4th, 2024 (6 nights)


August 7th – 11th, 2024 (4 nights)

To get the DPA discount:

To receive this discount or ask any further questions, reach out to Austin at and mention Digital Photo Academy in your correspondence.

February FinerWorks Award Winners

Every month, our judges select 2 of our social media members to receive an HD Metal print of one of their photos, printed by our sponsor FinerWorks.

We choose one winner from each of our Facebook groups:

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Posted on our “Digital Photo Academy Community” Facebook group by Kim Stapf:
Posted on our “Celebrating Senior Shutterbugs” Facebook group by Russ Croop:

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