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March 2024 DPA Newsletter

March 2024 DPA Newsletter:

Jerry Downs Photo Walk Tips

March FinerWorks Winners!

Photo by Jerry Downs, a Digital Photo Academy instructor in San Francisco.

Greetings and a warm welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter! March has arrived, ushering in a new season of growth and opportunity. Join us as we delve into the exciting developments and shared experiences that continue to shape our vibrant community.

Digital Photo Academy is pleased to bring you the latest updates and photography inspiration in our recently relaunched monthly newsletter. This is all made possible by our valued sponsor, Finerworks.

Join Instructor Jerry Downs on an Enlightening Photo Walk:

Exploring Composition at the de Young Museum & Golden Gate Park!

Our San Francisco Digital Photo Academy instructor Jerry Downs has condensed a three-hour Composition in the Field photo walk into an impressive 12-minute YouTube video, showcasing one of his favorite locations: the de Young Museum and Golden Gate Park.

To quote Jerry: “The real value of doing a live photo walk is that you get to see how a camera works and how pictures are creatively captured using your own camera in real life/real time situations. It’s my goal to send everyone home with, at least, one really great picture on their camera or phone.”

Photo Walk Video Overview:

Jerry takes full advantage of these beautiful locations to demonstrate each successive function of the camera. After setting up everyone’s camera with the widest aperture (the smallest number) and the fastest speed, he uses a tunnel and himself to show everyone how to capture a picture freezing the action.

Once everyone has taken the shot, the settings are reversed: the smallest aperture (the larger numbers) and the longest speed are set. In this case, two participants who wanted to play jumped into the air, and the blurred effect was achieved.

To visualize how depth of field works, an ornate bridge railing is used:

This effect can be applied to many different subjects. Take a look at his picture of a columbine using the two different settings and observe how much more effective and beautiful the wide-open shot looks. This is the same effect that the Portrait Mode on your phone mimics:

That’s just a taste of what is contained in this highly educational and playful video! Watch the full video to learn more about composition, leading lines, positive and negative spaces, and how to capture a starburst.

March Finerworks Award Winners

Every month, our judges select 2 of our social media members to receive an HD Metal print of one of their photos, printed by our sponsor Finerworks.

We choose one winner from each of our Facebook groups:

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Posted on our “Digital Photo Academy Community” Facebook group by Marco Parodi:
Posted on our “Celebrating Senior Shutterbugs” Facebook group by Sean Crockett:

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