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Brian Diescher

Brian Diescher

Brian‘s calling has always been photography, taking photos since he was six years old. Brian studied photography through private lessons and full-time schooling. Immediately after graduating from the New England School of Photography in 2001 Brian began assisting professional photographers in the Advertising and Fashion industries.He has been working as a professional photographer for the past twenty years in Boston, MA where he lives with his wife and two sons.

Being a Portrait Photographer allows Brian the freedom to work with models and artists of every background and he has had the pleasure of working with some of well known musicians and artists in creating album covers, DVD covers and magazine covers. His images of models, actors and other artists have appeared in many magazines, both in print and on-line.

Additionally Brian‘s images have appeared in several magazines around the world including; Keyboard, New York Times, Scene, JamBase and Glide.  Brian‘s commercial clients have been Subaru of New England, Boston Children’s Hospital, Berklee College of Music, Kingsley Montessori School among others. Brian was also the Official Photographer to a twice-inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musician, Bernie Worrell for eleven years.

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Comments to “Brian Diescher”

  1. Yesterday’s session at The Boston Public Library (BPL) with Brian was in fact what I was hoping for! I needed to get into manual mode on my Olympus and Brian helped immensely with that. We went through a myriad of settings and plethora of environments in order to begin the process of understanding my camera. We even took a few photos – about 100! I can fiddle with knobs and such in order to get a great exposure as I begin, I repeat begin, to get the technical side of things behind these photo by photo adjustments.

    As a computer instructor – I teach blind and visually impaired people to use technology to gain more independence in life – I respond to and I teach the basics, the irreducible complexities of how to accomplish a task. Brian assisted me with this. His experience and professionalism shined through as he guided me through roughly 100 photos taken within and around the beautiful Boston Public Library. I have a new level of confidence for sure!

    This class may have saved my relationship with my girlfriend! She purchased the camera for me about one year ago and she has asked me countless times why I don’t use the camera more often. Saying “I feel like a toddler with a complex toy” only holds her off so long. I’ve been taking some photos with the camera, but my go to was still my Android phone – until yesterday! Today as she and I spent time together, she saw first hand how my relationship with my camera has changed after my class. She was very happy as I worked in manual mode and made adjustments to what I “captured on film” today. I suppose I’m more of an adolescent with a challenging toy at this point of the journey!

    Thank you for the opportunity to be released from the confines of a lack of understanding! Yes there are many online resources, but I respond to in-person instruction with someone who can empathize with the struggle and encourage forward movement – which is what I received in my first DPA class!

    I attached one of the photos from the BPL as evidence of pure luck, uhm I mean, helpful guidance from Brian.

  2. The event was good. Brian was nice.

  3. The lesson with Brian was great!

  4. Thanks a lot for these classes. I learned quite a bit about not only my camera but also about the impact of different manual settings on photo shots. Visualization of the aperture settings (how we squeeze our eyes to see better) really helped to put it into perspective. I very much appreciate the thorough guidance you provided and plenty of opportunities to practice new knowledge while we were at the museum. I also enjoyed tidbits of information about the museum exhibitions and some creatures – I always like to learn new things about nature and not only. I now started playing with the camera on my own and am definitely considering taking it on my trip to the UK and will share any shots worth sharing or needing advice.

  5. The class was great!! Brian is SO knowledgeable and was a brilliant teacher. He really knows his stuff around photography and taught me a lot about my camera and how to use it. I loved it.

    Would do it again any time! I’ll go and practice for a while first though. Haha

  6. I had so much fun! Thank you for a great experience, start to finish.

  7. Thank you so much for yesterday’s session at the Arboretum. Not only was it generally informative about principles for taking interesting photos but especially helpful about what I can do with my own phone camera.

    Overall, it was an extremely informative and enjoyable experience. We are having a 60th Anniversary event on September 3rd. It occurred to me that might be something we could hire you to do. I hope so, because I know you’d be just the right person to do this for us.


  8. Thank you again. It was a great session.

    – Sara M


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