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Christine Nimitz

Christine Nimitz

2014DPAnimitzAGP24While in college, Christine spent a year as an exchange student in Leeds, England, which was the start of her fascination with photography, travel, history, and other cultures. Christine has been an active photographer for over 20 years since first moving to Arizona. Her interest in photography started with a black and white film photography class she took in college after returning from England. She used a rental camera but soon bought her very own used Minolta X-370. Once digital cameras became affordable, she quickly made the jump, since digital makes it so much easier to learn and get the best shots on the spot.

Christine constantly searches for new or unusual perspectives of common or well-known subjects and is always seeking to improve her skills — with each successive release of newer and better digital cameras, it becomes easier than ever for almost anyone to take a good photo. However, Christine goes above and beyond, always trying to get the great photo. This endeavor takes skill, patience, and practice, practice, practice! Her latest challenge is underwater photography—not only do you have to get the creature in focus, but you also have to get your shot before either your or your subject float away! Some of her favorite subjects in general are flowers, plants, the beach, islands, San Francisco, and the Eiffel Tower. And while she has travelled extensively to Mexico, the Caribbean, the Galapagos, Southern Africa, London, Paris, Rome, southern Italy and Malta since that first journey to England, she can always find new and interesting subjects in her own back yard here in Arizona or just a short drive away in California.

Christine is an active member of the Photographers Adventure Club, one of the largest national photography Facebook groups. She also serves as a photographer for the Maricopa Master Gardeners’ Real Gardens for Real People Tour. Teaching with the Digital Photo Academy is fun & it’s very rewarding to see people learn to use their imaginations & improve their photography.

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Comments to “Christine Nimitz”

  1. Thank you again for the class. I used Lightroom to review and edit some of my picture.
    I was pretty happy for my first outing!

  2. I enjoyed the class and I’m looking forward to using what I learned to create many more photos.

    I will likely be sharing some more photos on the FB page this weekend. I welcome any feedback.

  3. Thank You Christine for a wonderful lesson! It turned out to be just what I needed in a dedicated person to field my questions and come back with useful advice. I have new found enthusiasm for photography especially now that I can actually see what I’m doing. Photography (like billiards) became more difficult for me when I had to start wearing glasses and I had really been struggling with seeing the LED screen while out in the sun. I’m much more comfortable making the important basic manual adjustments (I once knew but forgot) on a cam that has so many things going on.

    I’ve downloaded the images but haven’t had much time to pick the winners. I’ll be sure and post something after a more thorough review.

    Thanks for your help!

  4. My friend Suzanne and I had the BEST time on Sunday with Christine! We learned so much and she was really fun. I actually am going to have some of the photos I took made into canvases to give to a Ukrainian refugee family we are helping to move into their first apartment this weekend! I think she will enjoy having a little bit of the desert on her walls.

  5. “Thanks, Richard. Everything went great and Christine picked a perfect spot for our class. Lots of color and light with great action. Thanks, Christine. ”

    -Ted Swanson

  6. “I really like Christine’s photography instruction and also SHE is a life saver.”

    -Jim Paire

  7. “It was great. Makes me want to get a new camera. I learned a lot. Chrstine was great. Maybe the Botanical Gardens next! Thank you so much for your kindness through this whole thing. ”



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