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David Lewinski

David Lewinski

David Lewinski first became interested in photography at age 16 in high school when he assumed the elective course, “Intro to Photography,” would be an easy “A.” Instead, he soon found himself irrevocably immersed and impassioned in the darkroom arts. back then Lewinski’s camera, a Minolta SLR, was his chosen equipment to create compelling portraits.

Lewinski’s talent for photography, blended with his persistence, landed him a plumb gig with Real Detroit Magazine, photographing all the bar tenders of Detroit. Somehow ingenuity was a factor because David was only 17 when he began taking photographs of these individuals in their work environment. This was not based on fake ID, but more chatting his way in and the Real Detroit entered did not hurt either. (The client assumed that Dave would give up and thus, stop pestering for an assignment, but not the case.)

Commercial assignments have brought Lewinski across the U.S including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, West Virginia, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, Iowa, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Baltimore, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Colorado, Wyoming, California. Beyond the U.S. gigs have sent him traveling to Iceland, Mexico, Germany, and Switzerland.

Clients include Maxim, New York Times, New York Times Magazine, Smithsonian, Cigar Aficionado, Sony, PBS Broadcasting, National Journal, Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports, Wired, Sundance Film Festival, Amway, Shinola, Bacardi, Whiskey Advocate, Gentleman Jack, (Jack Daniels)

Smithsonian has honored Lewinski by including his work in a traveling exhibition, “Dining in America,” showcasing different cuisines that are enjoyed in various cultures in the country and David’s photo of Middle Eastern Foods, he photographed in a Dearborn, Michigan restaurant was showcased.

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