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David Mark Erickson

David Mark Erickson


David Mark Erickson is an accomplished photographer and photojournalist with many years of field experience. Having started his career overseas, he has covered politics, life and culture throughout Eastern and Western Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East and even as far away as Australia.

Prior to photography, David spent over a decade working in in wildlife conservation in East Africa. “It was probably watching too many episodes of Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins when I was a kid that led me to East Africa,” says David.

Along with his commercial photography career, David runs a boutique safari guiding business that specializes in wildlife photography. About Africa, David says that, “there is nothing like catching the sunrise over the Serengeti plains surrounded by a million wildebeest … it is no less than transformational experience!”

David’s photographic skills run the gamut, but shooting live events outside of the studio is his preferred environment. From covering riots in Athens, to exploring the markets of Marrakesh and even to rodeo in the Australian Outback, David’s uses his camera to explore the world.

Teaching photography is David’s new passion. “Everything I learned about photography and photojournalism I leaned directly from other photographers – being able to teach others is deeply fulfilling for me,” says David. David is also an Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom.

David currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

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Comments to “David Mark Erickson”

  1. “David was great. He brought an obvious depth of photography experience to a wide range of student experience levels and was able to keep the class focused on the essentials while customizing it slightly for those students with more experience. Equally important, he put the class at ease and made sure we were having fun”

    -Chad Woodford

  2. ” Jenn and David are very talented, passionate,
    and engaging photographers and teachers. They inspire
    my creativity and motivate me to continue my exploration
    of photography. I plan to take the upcoming class in Central Park.
    Thank you so much, Jenn and David, for being
    our guides and teachers!”

    -Jocelyn Launer

  3. ” I just wanted to say thanks and let you know that Saturday’s Composition in the Field with David Mark Erickson was absolutely wonderful. David is an outstanding teacher, and made the learning and lessons fun and to the point. I came away with a new perspective and a better understanding of light, patterns, shapes and angles. A fantastic class, and I found that the three hours flew by before I knew it
    David is a warm and friendly guy, and an excellent teacher who made learning fun. Thanks again!”

    -Mike Zulich

  4. “i thoroughly enjoyed the class last Saturday. and David is a great and fun instructor. plus the weather was perfect to walk around shooting pics at the seaport.”


  5. “I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed David’s class. My main goal for the class was to immerse myself in a street photography project and learn how to use my flash at night. David was tremendously helpful on both counts. He encouraged us to get right in the middle of things and to be persistent in identifying and tracking down the shots we wanted. He also had some good advice about finding the less obvious shots, a weakness of mine and I tend to be a “stand up straight and face straight ahead” kind of photographer. Last but not least, he gave me real time feedback on my shots so that I was able to use my flash to good effect.

    I enjoyed the class very much and would recommend David to anyone!”

    -Tony Pillari

  6. “Thanks a lot for prompt feedback. Though i had only one session, it was really useful. Thanks a lot. Have a good day.”


  7. “Thanks. Enjoyed the class today. Will be in touch. Have told Richard that things worked out well despite the initial glitch. Appreciated the opportunity to try out a technique right after hearing about it. Will look for other classes. Let us keep in touch. ”

    -Ram Ramachandran.

  8. “I said it at Liberty Park, and I’m saying it again thank you for today’s class, you did a super job. I know you said something about Facebook when we were leaving because of the rain, but my daughter and my wife know about computers, and digital cameras. I talked to my daughter and told her if she should find out how, and what to do to get something on Facebook, I’d be wiling to do it.

    Again you did a super job!

    I’m enclosing a couple of pictures that I took, it may take a second email from me, because the files are large. The one of the young lady that I’m enclosing is one of several, I dont remember her name, but she took one of me, so I told her I’ll take that as an OK to take several of her. If you would be so kind, I can send you (about 3 to 4) if you could pass them on the her.

    Again thank you, the class was great.”

    -Charlie Burok

  9. “Thank you again for all of the great info you shared during today’s photo class. It definitely exceeded my expectations and it was a good mix of instructional information and hands on exercises with the various camera settings.

    The detailed maps and instructions you sent prior to the class were perfect and I really appreciate that you made a trip to the Park earlier in the week to make sure the meeting place was available and planned out the alternate location we were able to move due during the inclement weather.

    Please feel free to share my feedback and thanks again. Attached are a couple of images of mine from today’s session. ”

    -Sharon Downey

  10. “Such an awesome class. Loved the way you simplified the concept, it helped me understand it so much better. After I left the group, I walked around some more and took more pics…here are some………”

    -Yolanda Rodriguez


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