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Welcome to the DPA workshops in Denver!

Taught by photographers Allen Birnbach, Russ Burden, Ellen Yeiser,  Lincoln Phillips, Mark Osler and Dan Jahn. Classes are held at Photospace. Photospace is a premier rental studio, workshop, and gallery space centrally located in downtown Denver’s Art District, equipped with a huge assortment of professional lighting, cameras and grip gear for photography and video shooters, with 1600 feet of dedicated shooting space plus client lounges, a full bathroom and changing room, large screens for workshops and much more.

Denver MeetUp Group – Front Range Photography
The Digital Photo Academy instructors often lecture and demonstrate for the Denver MeetUp Group, Front Range Photography. We suggest you become acquainted with this highly active group of over 1500 photo enthusiasts, ranging from vastly experienced to just beginning. Learn about a variety of lectures, shoots, demonstrations, contests and other photo related opportunities, many of them free of charge. To get to know more click on the link,



And in case you’re interested, click here to check out some FREE SAMPLES of our ONLINE CLASSES.


Master Your Camera Controls - $70
— led by pro photographer Dan Jahn
DenverJanuary 5, 20199:30 am - 10:45 amMaster Your Camera Controls/Denver Botanic GardensRegister
Composition in the Field - $99
— led by pro photographer Dan Jahn
DenverJanuary 5, 201911:00 am - 2:00 pmDenver Botanic GardensRegister
Master Your Camera Controls - $70
— led by pro photographer Dan Jahn
DenverFebruary 2, 20199:30 am - 11:00 amMaster Your Camera Controls/The Denver Civic CenterRegister
Composition in the Field - $99
— led by pro photographer Dan Jahn
DenverFebruary 2, 201911:00 am - 2:00 pmThe Denver Civic CenterRegister

Comments to “Denver”

  1. “He was a very good teacher, I learned a lot about photography.”


  2. It was great. Thank you! I’m thinking of doing a private class…


  3. The class was great. I learned a lot.


  4. “The class was not only informative but it was also fun.”


  5. “Thanks Richard. Great class btw. Mark did a superb job.”


  6. “I was just reviewing my messages, and I found one I had missed from you, regarding a sunrise or sunset photo class. I had requested that the Red Rocks class in Denver (which has already occurred) might be moved from mid day to sunrise or sunset. I have melanoma and cannot be out for hours in the bright mid day sun. So it was not so much that I was wanting a sunset class but that I was not wanting to be out in the bright sun. But also I thought our photos at that spot might be nicer. The class was indeed moved to sunset, and the photos were spectacular!

    Thanks so much for following up!



  7. “Mark did a great job with the Red Rocks class. His approach of including “just the facts” when composing an image reflects his strong photo journalist background. I will remember that teaching for a long time to come. It was also fun to be in a nice location with good folks who share an interest in something I enjoy. I recommend Mark to anyone who wants to polish their technique and improve the images they make.”

    -Dave Ouimette

  8. “Mark,

    Thank you for a wonderful class! You did a spectacular job as our instructor! So dedicated and going the extra mile to be sure we got the best shots and pushed ourselves to become better photographers! I am trying to take many of these DPA classes in Denver. I certainly hope I get the opportunity to have you as an instructor again! I will be out of town for the Chatfield Garden one (sad since I love photographing flowers!!! I’ll watch for the next garden class!) but will hopefully make many if not all of the remaining classes through December!

    Will post a few if worthy on the Facebook page once I have looked through mine!

    Thanks again!”


  9. “We had such a great time at Red Rocks! Mark was a wonderful instructor. He gave us so much to think about and take away. The next day I found myself looking at things from a different view. ”

    -Jenna Mahney

  10. “My intermediate class with Russ Burden was excellent. It was a wonderful feeling to know that I truly had mastered some understanding in this amazing field because I was able to answer many of Russ’s questions while in class. I liked the fact that he challenged each student in class, asking us individual questions to make sure we really got the gist of what he was teaching and wasn’t just following along and shaking our heads as if we understood when we really didn’t. I also particularly enjoyed his Photoshop demonstration. I had an immense fear of working with this application. It seemed so large and overwhelming, but Russ’s lecture allowed me to take those essential baby steps so I could get comfortable with Photoshop. I also appreciate Mr. Burden’s weekly photo tips and his willingness to give of his own time to respond to my emails and questions about photos I’ve taken since his course.

    I enjoyed Russ’s class so much that I even ended up dreaming about the topics covered that same night. I think I was still trying to digest everything that was spoken of even while I was sleeping! As soon as I think I’m ready, I will sign up for Russ’s advanced photography class and make plans to attend one or more of his Nature Photo Tours. Wish me luck, I’m going to be entering my first photo contest…this one dealing with some of the shots I showed in class of climbers at Eldorado Canyon State Park!”

    – Sheba Wheeler

  11. “Thanks for a fun and educational day. I am so impressed with the knowledge of the group. It is an honor to be able to learn from Russ Burden. I’m anxious to get out into the field…maybe the sunflowers at dawn…”

    – Kristal Kraft

  12. “I have taken two classes that were “live” instructor lead workshops and several on-line courses. Without a doubt, your workshop stands head and shoulders above the rest. Your style of teaching, demonstrating techniques, classroom lecture and open communication regarding photography, will allow me to enhance my skills. I enjoyed this class, my fellow classmates and our outstanding instructor. This was a FANTASTIC experience.

    Thanks for a great day!”

    – Tim Visser

  13. “That looks very good Russ. I have a few pictures where I would like to create a canvas to create room for a few of mine….I will have to try that technique. Appreciate the before and after and the steps you took. Once I have my two done and over to you, I might take yours and practice to see how I make out.”

    – Tim Visser

  14. “Wow- I learned a lot from you, Russ! And, know how much more I need to learn. Thank you for an excellent workshop. The combination of field and class time worked very well. You are a gifted teacher- very effective making us think about answers, rather than telling us. I now look at photos as you suggested- and try to determine how was that shot?”

    – Tom Tenenbaum

  15. “I first want to thank you, Russ, for an outstanding workshop, I learned something of importance in every area of the session. Thanks again for the extra time up front at 7:00am and again at 5:30. Your effortless teaching style makes learning and asking questions very comfortable. I just loaded Adobe CS3 and am going to be working on the 2 photos you requested.

    I would also be interested in another shoot, I have no preference as to location or subject. I can learn something no matter where we go.”

    – Jim Wolfe

  16. “It was a great training session with Russ! I’ve been looking over my notes, reading over the camera manual, and trying some of the things you demonstrated. Still a long way to go, but at least I have a better idea of how things fit together. Excellent presentation on your part. And the idea of getting a photography tip every week sounds like excellent reenforcement! Thanks.”

    – Chuck Riggs

  17. “Russ, I really enjoyed the class. I don’t know when I’ve been able to go that long and still be so interested I wanted more. I’m downloading my images now to Elements 6 and trying to find out if I can use Bridge with it. Look forward to some more of your “sage advice”. I’ll be looking at your web site for some more classes to take. Thanks again.”

    – Don Tolin

  18. “After all the other responses, I feel like a fool “Ditto Head”. After two trips to Monument Valley and a trip to Zion and Bryce National Parks, I still signed up for this session. That must say something. I also signed up for the Fall trip to Yellowstone and Teton National Parks. I always learn something talking to you, whether it is meant as instruction or just a chance comment. Your love of photography and teaching come through and are infectious.”

    – Fred Stearns

  19. “When you first projected the image, it looked like a definite throwaway to me due to the blown out highlights. You then made a spectacular recovery. Thank you for this teaching moment and for going beyond the call of duty. Now, I will try to use some of what you taught me yesterday.”

    – Grover Wrenn

  20. “I very much enjoyed the few classes I took with you, so much so it made me bite the bullet. I moved to New Zealand in May, changed my career (to photographer), and this month opened my own photography studio in Auckland. I’m certainly expecting the start to be challenging and slow, but am looking forward to every bit of it.”

    – Peter Hendry

  21. “Russ did such a great job I wanted to share it with the organization and I hope Russ keeps on teaching these classes. I learned more today than in Scott Kelby’s class on Photoshop CS4. It’s great to have a computer with hands on vs watching someone do everything themselves and then never being able to duplicate it.”

    – Nona Biddison

  22. “I hope I did this correctly, I’m not the most tech savvy person!! I just have to say thank you so much for this opportunity! Russ Burden is an awesome teacher and I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this class. My husband signed me up for this class for which I felt I was most certainly not advanced, but Russ made it so it didn’t matter. The class size was also helpful so that he was able to give all of us individual help when we needed it. I learned so much about myself and photography and have a totally new vision of how to approach photography as I move forward. I love it so much more than I expected and I have a new confidence in my abilities as well. This class and Russ has changed everything….thanks again!. Here’s my favorite photo from the day.”

    – Carianne Kanda

  23. “Had a great class on Sunday – really enjoyed the concept of abstract photography! I’ve dabbled with it a bit, but it was great to get some new insight and feedback on what I might be missing, and what I can do to improve. It’d be great to take advantage of another course sometime in the near future”

    – Aldona

  24. “Hello, great workshop at Red Rocks today. It was very informative and opened my eyes to “seeing” that gorgeous place in a new way!”

    – Anne Johnstone

  25. “Just wanted to let you know that Ellen is a very nice woman and the class was fun.”

    – Dan


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