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Welcome to the Detroit market for the international network of live and online photo classes, all under the banner of Digital Photo Academy.

This section is devoted to the Detroit community and the DPA Instructors who lead these workshops are professional photographers who have lived in Detroit for at least 10 years, usually longer.

These pro shooters also have teaching experience and they love teaching. (Not all photographers do.) They know the local retailers where you can get the better deals on photo equipment and more importantly, they know where the best photo ops are which allows us to provide you with a rotation of interesting places to shoot, throughout the year, whether indoors or outdoors, winter, spring, summer of fall. Sometimes one time of day to shoot is better than another and our DPA instructors keep us informed.

Often, the DPA Instructors even have private access to various locales in the city where they live. Themes vary from street photography and dynamic architecture, to flowers and landscapes, as well as waterscapes, sunsets, lush scenery and everything in between.

During one month, you might be invited to rendezvous in the luxurious natural light streaming in to a religious venue via spectacular stained glass windows and the following month, it might be a small relatively unknown park with very special landscapes. This is why we offer a special ALUMNI Discount to people who attend more than one workshop.

Nationally, we organize these workshops to provide variety for the participants in each local market, but we could not do it without the expertise and connections provided by the DPA instructors in each of those markets.

Phone the national headquarters of Digital Photo Academy at 1 877 372 2231 but know that each of the Digital Photo Academy markets includes a local office. In Detroit, that office is at:

432 Edgewater Dr, Algonac, MI 48001-1633



And in case you’re interested, click here to check out some FREE SAMPLES of our ONLINE CLASSES.


Master Your Camera Controls - $70
— led by pro photographer Tom McKenzie
DetroitOctober 12, 20199:30 am - 11:00 amMaster Your Camera Controls/Detroit MidtownRegister
Composition in the Field - $99
— led by pro photographer Tom McKenzie
DetroitOctober 12, 201911:00 am - 2:00 pmDetroit MidtownRegister
Master Your Camera Controls - $70
— led by pro photographer Tom McKenzie
DetroitNovember 9, 20199:30 am - 11:00 amMaster Your Camera Controls/Detroit Opera HouseRegister
Composition in the Field - $99
— led by pro photographer Tom McKenzie
DetroitNovember 9, 201911:00 am - 2:00 pmDetroit Opera HouseRegister
Master Your Camera Controls - $70
— led by pro photographer Tom McKenzie
DetroitDecember 14, 20199:30 am - 11:00 amMaster Your Camera Controls/Old Saint Marys ChurchRegister
Composition in the Field - $99
— led by pro photographer Tom McKenzie
DetroitDecember 14, 201911:00 am - 2:00 pmOld Saint Marys ChurchRegister

Comments to “Detroit”

  1. The class that was offered was very rewarding, it allowed me to get more familiar with my camera and usage. The class was an excellent and the size was also good to allow to us to ask questions. I had never used my camera to take monochrome pictures. It was different, but yet beautiful. I like the look! I have included some pictures that I took. I also plan to start posting on you website for Facebook. Thank you and Thank you to Tom, for he was an amazing and experienced teacher.

  2. The weather was quite beautiful! Tom was great and helpful.

  3. I did enjoy the Tom McKenzie workshop on August 10th and looking forward to the September 14th date.

  4. I really enjoyed the Compostion in the Field class. I’m sure I will use a lot of the techniques we practiced looking through the viewfinder in the future! Just a note for the Master Your Camera Controls class: It is good for introducing beginners to their cameras and introduce basic concepts such as exposure.

  5. “All went well. I learned some things and had a good time. Thank you”

    -Tom Witek

  6. “Thank you, Tom, for a great class! I am so thrilled to really be using my camera! No more automatic setting for me! Michael- I really enjoyed working with you as a co-participant and your pictures- including that beautiful daughter. I also loved working with the black & white and learned so much!

    What an empowering class!”

    Thanks again,

    -Lisa Kern

  7. The class at the Conservatory was great. I learned a lot about composing a shot and different details on how my camera works. I will definitely look to taking another class from DPA.

    Thank you!

    Beth Rockford

  8. “I really wanted to attend this workshop but family doings prevented it.

    I hope it was a success and you will be planning another at this location. I have attended several in Michigan and Arizona and the quality has always been excellent.

    thank you”

    -Tom Krueger

  9. “I learned so much! I loved Tom. He is an awesome instructor! I just shot my first engagement session in manual the day after (Sunday) and the photos turned out amazing.”

    – Lauren

  10. “Great group; nice meeting everyone. Hope to see some of you again.”

    – Ayana

  11. “Thank you so much for the wonderful class taught by Tom McKenzie in Detroit!!! I was visiting from Boston, and my sister bought me a space in his class. He did a beautiful job – as I learned so much from his instruction.”

    – Claudia Vanderpool

  12. “We had a perfectly nice day in Downtown Detroit (Greektown). Our trainer Tom was able to gap the bridge between beginners and experienced photographers.”

    – Ulrich Gollwitzer

  13. Thank you Hugh. We just got back from our Mediterranean cruise where some of techniques you used really paid off for some great pictures I.e. creating a natural border and ISO. We look forward to finding an opportunity to attend the make up class.

    – John

  14. “I wanted to get some help with my new DSLR before signing up for some of the shoots that you are offering. I enjoyed the class and am looking forward to attending many of those shoots in the future.”

    – Dolli Kettron

  15. “It was a great CLASS!! Thanks for all the pointers and ideas!”

    – Sophie and Marc

  16. “Thanks for fun course on Sunday and sending to 2 attachments, they will be helpful! I put 2 photos up on facebook on DPA.”

    – Charlie Morgan

  17. “Thanks for the attachments!! They definitely will come in handy.

    I just wanted to let you know I really did learn a lot in that short period of time. And I’m really looking forward to taking more classes. After that class I came home with such a natural high and excited to learn more. I plan to post some of my pictures soon.”

    – Elisa


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