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Dimi Papanikos

Dimitrios Papanikos was born and raised in Germany and is of Greek descent. He is fluent in German, Greek, and English. Dimitrios has traveled throughout Europe, having also lived in Greece and now currently resides in NYC with his wife. He turned his love of photography of over 10 years into a full time passion and is the owner of Dimi Papanikos Photography. His focus is in the areas of portrait photography, fine art, street photography, weddings, family events and other special occasions. He has volunteered his time with the Josephine Herrick Project in Brooklyn, NY instructing young students in basic photography skills.
Notably, in August 2016, Dimitrios won honorable mention for his photo submission in the Fresh Kills Park Alliance photo contest and has his work on display
in the Staten Island Arts Cultural Lounge. He has also been the recipient of peer awards from various online photo contests.

Comments to “Dimi Papanikos”

  1. “Truly great class with Dimitri – so knowledgeable, helpful, and caring. 10/10!”

    -Saba Bokhari

  2. “Hi Richard, my husband Bob and I attended the Composition in the Field workshop on July 15th in Red Bank with Dimi as our instructor. The class was great, informative as well as fun. Attached a few of my pictures for you to see. I would definitely recommend the class and may try another at a different location in the future.”


    – Janet

  3. “It was a great location! I have so many favorites I can’t decide on my favorite! I will post some on the web site if there is a way to do that.
    For your purposes, I have attached a shot of Dimi teaching Kaila how to use her Sony camera.



  4. “Hi Richard, the class was very good as we got the chance to shoot at both inside the Synagogue and also at areas surrounding it. Dimi did a great job at the class.

    All the best,”

    -C. Garcia-Paris


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