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Ellen Yeiser

Ellen Yeiser
ey dpaEllen Yeiser graduated from the University of Denver with a degree in History and a minor in Education. She is a fine art photographer who has exhibited work in Flash Gallery, 910Arts, Center for Fine Arts Photography (Ft Collins), and RULE Gallery.

She currently sits on the Board of Working with Artists and is the Volunteer Coordinator at Working With Artists in Denver, CO. Ellen shoots for YSPN Sports and runs a portrait studio and retouching business from her home.

Her hobbies include ice hockey where she both plays and sits on several boards, and bicycling. She has taught High School tennis and ice hockey, and loves sharing her experiences with her students.

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Comments to “Ellen Yeiser”

  1. Good morning Ellen,

    I wanted to send you a few of my pics from your wonderful class about composition. I really learned a lot from your class and I am very appreciative of your expertise in photography. Hopefully we can meet again and do some “photo walks” as a class.



  2. Ellen,

    I loved the lesson and found it very productive. I picked up a nice used 43mm Sigma prime lens for a great price at Mikes. It’s much nicer than the kit lens I was considering.

    I can’t wait to get out and practice your lessons.

    Thank you!
    Linda M.

  3. Thanks Ellen!

    I learned a lot from your class it was much appreciated!

    Thank You,

  4. The workshop went well. Learned some new things I’ve been scratching my head about. I already put it into practice today with my kids. Got a nice action photo of my son jumping across a bridge at the park.

  5. Everyone loved the photography class and we were hoping you would schedule a series with Ellen so that we could learn more and get to know others in the class.

  6. I found the workshop really helpful — I’d heard of a lot of what Ellen told us previously, but I’d never had it wrapped up as “these are the basics, you now know the basics, now _practice_” — I think the most helpful part is I’ve spent a lot of time reading things online, but there’s just no end to that. The workshop was more focused and organized, and it was also really interesting to see how Ellen looked around for photos.

    • I took this photo during the workshop! I had rule of thirds in mind, but also Ellen talked to us about accentuating what struck us about what we were taking pictures of, so like with that red flower, how it sort of stood taller and a bit separate from what was around it.

  7. The workshop went super. I learned about shutter speed and aperture. Great info for taking snapshots for YouTube. Thank you for making it happen. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Thank you for the class, it was great!

  9. I really enjoyed it! I had bookish knowledge of photography, this was good opportunity for me to put theory into practice.

  10. “Ellen was a wonderful instructor. She took the time to explain different camera functions to anyone that needed help. She was great at pointing out different ways to take photos, so that you are not taking the same pictures as everyone else.”


  11. “Just wanted to let you know that Ellen is a very nice woman and the class was fun.”

    – Dan


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