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Master Your Camera Controls - $70
— led by pro photographer Jim Caldwell
HoustonJanuary 12, 20199:30 am - 10:45 amMaster Your Camera Controls/Houston Arboretum and Nature CenterRegister
Composition in the Field - $99
— led by pro photographer Jim Caldwell
HoustonJanuary 12, 201911:00 am - 2:00 pmHouston Arboretum and Nature CenterRegister
Master Your Camera Controls - $70
— led by pro photographer Jim Caldwell
HoustonFebruary 9, 20192:00 pm - 3:30 pmMaster Your Camera Controls/Discovery Green Sunset ShootRegister
Composition in the Field - $99
— led by pro photographer Jim Caldwell
HoustonFebruary 9, 20193:30 pm - 6:30 pmDiscovery Green Sunset ShootRegister
Master Your Camera Controls - $70
— led by pro photographer Jim Caldwell
HoustonMarch 9, 20192:15 pm - 3:45 pmMaster Your Camera Controls/Historic Market SquareRegister
Composition in the Field - $99
— led by pro photographer Jim Caldwell
HoustonMarch 9, 20193:45 pm - 6:45 pmHistoric Market Square Sunset ShootRegister

Comments to “Houston”

  1. “It was a fun class and I learned a lot!”


  2. I took the composition class with Jim Caldwell and LOVED it. Jim is so knowledgeable and so willing to share his expertise with us. He also gave a an incredible hand-out, Composition in the Field which has been very useful to me. I plan on taking another class with him soon.

  3. Richard,

    “I think Jim was being very kind in complementing my work. And, since I know the quality of the photos you usually see, my first response to your invite was “no way.” But, I considered that my goal is improvement and, certainly, a large part of that is sharing and accepting critiques, so I changed my mind. I did get a couple of pleasant shots during the class, but haven’t figured out how to downsize them enough to send. Therefore, I am sharing a couple of photos I took the day before in preparation for the class.The gecko was sunning in my back yard and, surprisingly, let me stay close enough to get several shots. The leaf was also close to my house, and the photos of Harley (cat) were taken indoors as requested by Jim.
    I want to repeat what I told Jim. The class was excellent. I picked up so many practical tips and knowledge that you can’t get from online classes. Plus, Jim is so personable and a natural teacher. I am looking forward to repeating the class.

    Thank you for your time.”


  4. “Though we were dealing with much rain, we still got in a good shoot. Just to let you know, Scott Teven did a great job with what he had to work with. Since the rain presented some problems he did allow us to ask a few technical questions that had nothing to do with composition (but did of course have a geat impact on how a picture would appear) and his explanations to our questions were very informative as well as easy to understand. Thanks for offering a good class, even in spite of the weather trying to ruin it!”

    – Penny Mayes-Gregg

  5. “Again, thanks for the instruction yesterday. I learned a few things. Your knowledge would be so beneficial to many of us that need the training. You can see by my pixs, I need a lot of color management help.

    Thanks again, hope you consider teaching more in-depth Photoshop workshops. Advertising would be the hard part, but I’ve got several friends in Houston that wouldn’t mine taking a class with someone knowledgeable.”

    – Sylvia Garcia-Smith

  6. “Michael, I had a great time today in your class for which I thank you very much. I take photos of scenery and friends and relatives for fun. As I mentioned to you today, I want to learn a few things about photography in order to be able to take good pictures. Specifically, I want to learn the flaws in some of the photos I have taken and how to remove them. I also want to learn the basic techniques of photography in some detail. At this time I am not planning to learn editing of photographs.

    Please let me know your availability for a private lesson.”

    – Tushar Ghosh

  7. “Hi Michael, I enjoyed the training session today…..especially the last part. I am so impressed with your reputation and expertise. Talk about way above our heads! BTW, how did you get to be on Great Day Houston? If you ever go back on the show, let me know—-I’ll be there.

    I am thrilled with the Panasonic camera we got. I hope I can do it justice and take advantage of all the bells and whistles on it. I really learned some surprising things about it today. Would you ever do a seminar just on that type of camera?”

    – Linda Voges

  8. “I just wanted to thank you again for taking time to meet with me on Saturday. I definitely feel more prepared for the trip. Thanks again!!”

    – Monika Lee

  9. “I took the beginner photo class December 2nd with Michael Hart. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and it opened my eyes to how much I do need to learn. Michael was a very patient with me through the entire class. He went slow and we had time after class to ask questions. His talent with photography really shinned through him. I was not ready for the class to end. I felt he addressed everyone’s questions and took a lot of time and pride in what he was teaching. I would definitely have Michael teach me again.”

    – Pamela Elam

  10. “Just wanted to say thanks for the lesson today. You hit on several things I was struggling with (because I don’t read manuals…) and I think I’ll be ready to progress from here.

    I was the guy who left you the number and email and offered to help on Tuesday.

    I was wondering if you do any other lessons that are a little more in-depth and involve multiple nights. I’d explain my motives and potential plans, but don’t want to bore you too much… lol”

    – Robert Calloway

  11. “I took your DPA class last year. At the time, I had only a Nikon CP P4. Since then I acquired my first DSLR and am continuing to work hard at learning the art and science of photography. Thanks for the help you gave me through DPA.”

    – Debbie Chapman

  12. “I’d like to start calling you “Regis” if that’s o.k. You were great. I’m sure that was great press for your biz. You probably got some non-photo biz solicitations, too. When you get offered your own show, I’d like to be your Paul Shaffer/Max Weinberg. I’ll go to the Ed McMahon school of fake laughing. “Yesssssss!!!!”

  13. “You were great! You looked and sounded very comfortable under the lights.”

    – Jerry

  14. “I just watched the show. Very impressive! You did a great job. I bought a Panasonic DMC-FX01 camera (with Leica lens) about six months ago because I did not always want to lug my D200 around. I love the Panasonic! Sometimes it takes better shots than my D200 (although that’s probably user error since I have to make more decisions with the D200). And yes, I have been reading my manual (good advice.) Have a great weekend.”

    – Michael

  15. “I just watched “Great Day Houston” (I recorded it to watch later today): Great presentation, you were such a natural in front of the camera – as if you’ve been doing this for years! Really, thanks for the tip about holding the button down halfway! When I first started using digital he would look at the pictures and say,”That’s NOT the picture that I took, WHAT’s going ON?!!” Since I have that original camera and have never tried to use it, maybe now I will give it a try. Again, you did quite an impressive presentation. Thanks for letting me know about it in advance.”

    – Brie

  16. “You looked good today on Channel 11. Taped it and just finished watching; you did real good.”

    – Reagan

  17. “Both classes were absolutely amazing and made me want to know more. It prompted me to go shoot the following day instead of other plans I had made.

    I was biting at the bit to know more and so were others in the class. In the Composition class, two people were not signed up for the intermediate class directly after; however, one decided to stay. That is huge for the four hour commitment after sitting for two hours.

    He hit the nail on the head, answered our questions as they came up, let us know more was to come on some subjects after giving us an adequate answer, let us know more was to come in the Intermediate class on some subjects we asked about, and made us want to know more!

    He told us that camera manufacturers are coming out with new updates all the time and trying to keep up with each other. He told one student with a 4-5 year old SLR that she may want to upgrade because of noise reduction in the newer models.

    I’m ordering Photoshop and once I have it on my laptop, I’m going to sign up for classes on it. At this time, I don’t think getting a fourth camera in just over 2 years to upgrade to an SLR is in the budget.

    Panasonic Lumix has hit the nail on the head with my DMC FZ28K for someone who does not want to change lenses and is on a budget but wants the best they can get. In addition, I would like to find an adapter and try out the additional two lenses that fit this camera before advancing to an SLR. It seems the adapters are hard to come by. Any suggestions?

    Thank you for all your help and concerns.”

    -Carol Montalbano


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