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Jeffrey Fong

Jeffrey Fong


Jeffrey Fong is a Seattle-area based professional photographer, starting his business in the mid 90s. He began as a portrait photographer for weddings, families and high school seniors. Over the years, he has added different types of photography to his repertoire. Today, a majority of Jeffrey’s work is in events and commercial photography. His clientele includes municipalities, engineering and design firms, wholesalers, and professionals in the health care and real estate industries, to name a few.

Jeffrey also has an extensive background in travel photography which has taken him to places throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the West Caribbean Islands and Europe.

In addition to his photography business, Jeffrey is a photographic educator who has been teaching photography to students, ranging from beginners to experienced photographers. His style is fun and engaging as well as informative. Jeffrey’s goal is to provide students with a well-rounded education on photography principles and how to effectively apply them to any situation to get the best overall image. He routinely receives high marks from his students and many of them return for additional classes.

Jeffrey’s latest venture is a new business called Global Immersion Tours, which he started with his wife in 2012. They take participants to “immerse” them in the beauty, food and culture of places around the world. The goal is to teach photographic principles and provide opportunities to photograph in picturesque environments as well as experience culinary delights from the areas that they travel. Italy is their target for 2015.

Jeffrey is a member of the Professional Photographers of America and Wedding and Portrait Photographers International.

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Comments to “Jeffrey Fong”

  1. The class was fun and informative, Jeff is definitely very knowledgeable and experienced.

  2. We had a really fun time. Jeffrey was friendly and helpful. Thank you.

  3. Thank you EVERYBODY for responding to my inquiry re best tripods.

    I will be taking your recommendations with me when I get my refund check next year, which is my usual time to buy gear.

    What a great bunch of people you all are!

    Charles Davidson

  4. The workshop was really good, thank you so much. Jeffrey for your patience !!

  5. I just want to let you know how much my daughter and I enjoyed the class with Jeffrey.
    He has such a kind soul, and he is an excellent person who has the ability to connect with you instantly.
    He gave us some very helpful directions and the photos were amazing.
    My daughter and I had a blast!
    You guys are the best!

  6. I had fun! I went alone and just met some new people there. Jeff is super talented and very laid back, which made asking his opinion and asking him silly questions about my camera much easier. Definitely recommend, and will most definitely be back for another class!

  7. Jeff taught and showed me exactly what I wanted to know. He showed me different ways to understand it. Jeff was patient, pleasant, and knowledgeable.

  8. I enjoyed Jeff’s workshop

    Good things:
    Flexible with topics to cover
    Felt I improved my photography
    Explained the three most important parts of photography

  9. “The photography class was not only educational, but fun. We met at a great location and our instructor Jeff was very knowledgeable and able to tailor the class to the different degrees of experience for each student. Jeff was very personable and a pleasure to spend the afternoon with. Would highly recommend this course.”


  10. “The Seattle composition in the field workshop was outstanding! My wife and I took it to learn how to use our new camera and we got more information then we expected. Our instructor did a fabulous job and we look forward to participating in more workshops in the future!”


  11. I had a fantastic time at the Composition in the Field workshop in Skagit Valley. The Tulip farm was gorgeous and Jeff was an amazing instructor. He really took the time to give everyone in the group personal instruction and tips on how to best capture the image they were looking for. Jeff helped me navigate the lighting and depth functions on my camera. He is very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to, which makes for a great teacher. The tulips were gorgeous and Jeff knew where to go to get the most beautiful pictures without being blocked by swarms of visitors who were also there to look at the flowers and take photographs. I highly recommend taking this class especially if Jeff is the instructor! 

    -Dalia De Leon

  12. I had a fantastic time at the Composition in the Field workshop in Skagit Valley. The Tulip farm was gorgeous and Jeff was an amazing instructor. He really took the time to give everyone in the group personal instruction and tips on how to best capture the image they were looking for. Jeff helped me navigate the lighting and depth functions on my camera. He is very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to, which makes for a great teacher. The tulips were gorgeous and Jeff knew where to go to get the most beautiful pictures without being blocked by swarms of visitors who were also there to look at the flowers and take photographs. I highly recommend taking this class especially if Jeff is the instructor!

    -Dalia De Leon

  13. “Both the course and the instructor were absolutely wonderful. My husband and I enjoyed the afternoon with Jeff and also got to learn a lot of different things about Photography. Jeff was wonderful on may levels, but one important one was that he was able to teach each students at their own level. We were the least experienced photographers and he helped us in a way we didn’t feel any less than the others.

    Thank you again so much for a wonderful course and instructor.”


  14. “Here are my top pics from the class. Thanks again! Loved it.”


  15. “Richard
    Please forgive me for the lateness of this email…I simply wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the class with Jeffrey Fong and found him to be an excellent instructor.

    thank you again and I have gladly referred your company to my friends”

    -Tonya Christoffersen

  16. “Thanks Richard, we had a great time.”


  17. “Just attached a few pictures. It was a fun day and enjoyed the workshop.”


  18. “Class was awesome for several reasons.

    1. Jeff has a very relaxed presentation and worked with each member of the class (8 or so) to make sure we really understood what he was saying. We ranged from “just got it” to people like me who know enough to be dangerous.

    2. It turns out, during my radio past, that I had worked with Jeff 20 years ago. Small friggin’ world.

    3. The people I talked with in the class seemed to agree with me that we left knowing more about our cameras, through practicing that day, got better and faster with our cameras and all in all, it was a great experience.

    4. Gasworks Park is one of the best places to have that class. That day, there was the spectacular view of the city, two weddings and a group of Knights practicing their battles for an upcoming Renaissance fair.

    So, we’re covered. I have nothing but good to say about the whole experience and will definitely recommend it to friends who would like to get to know their camera better.”

    – Tim Hunter

  19. “My passion for photography has increased dramatically after spending three wonderful hours this weekend with Jeffrey Fong at a composition class hosted by Digital Photography Academy. What an exciting adventure in photography with a winning instructor like Jeffrey.”

    – Gary L. O’Rielly

  20. “Nick was able to get to the class no problem (despite terrible traffic!) and thoroughly enjoyed the class. He said that Mr. Fong was a very good teacher and did a great job tailoring the material to the various levels of the students.
    We will recommend DPA to our friends.”

    – Lisa Anderson

  21. “I will definitely be in future classes.

    You are a wonderfully knowledgable instructor with a great sense of humor.

    I appreciated how you level set the class so that we all could understanding the “photography language”, no matter what our current knowledge and skills.

    I enjoyed the opportunity of taking photos and the Pike Place Market with an instructor who knows all the ‘secrets’ to being a successful photographer. Thank you, Jeffrey for your time and patience, you’re a gem in this business.”

    – Loretta

  22. “I was a student in Jeffrey’s Composition in the Field class. We met at the University of Washington, where Jeffrey gave a brief lesson and review before heading out to practice in and around campus. He did a really great job of teaching to all the different levels of experience in this class. His instruction was clear and easy to understand. Jeffery is very attentive to the students’ questions, and was willing to tackle those that were not composition related. You can tell that Jeffrey is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience. I would recommend his class to anyone. Beginners to professionals will all enjoy the experience.”

    -Nicki McQuillen

  23. “I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Composition in the Field class taught by Jeffrey Fong. The lecture part of the class was very informative & Jeff was obviously very eager to share his knowledge of photography and was great at answering any questions that arose. Before this class I couldn’t even define the words aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc.; now I feel like I have a much better understanding of not only what these words mean but how to manipulate these settings to improve the quality of my photos. It was also fun to be able to put this newly aquired information to use immediately by taking photos around the Snoqualmie Railroad museum & Snoqualmie Falls. I look forward to using the knowledge obtained in this class to improve my photos for years to come.”

    – Anonymous Student

  24. “It was another very worthwhile workshop. Jeffery found a warm quiet place to talk about technique – lots of practical tips, answered all our questions – and we had time to shoot some photos with tips on what to look for.”

    – Don Secrist

  25. “I attended the “Composition in the Field” class @ University of Washington, Seattle by Jeffrey Fong. It was cloudy and rainy … but I enjoyed the session.”

    – Palash Biswas

  26. “Jeffrey was very knowledgeable and patient. He gave us tips and was able to help all of us, even though the students had different levels of ability. It was only one class but we feel much more confident and can take advantage of our camera’s features.”

    – Andy

  27. “I loved this class! It was so much fun and I learned so much more than I thought I was going to! Jeffrey made it fun for everyone in the class and I think it was pretty obvious that despite the cold none of us wanted to stop shooting. Thanks again!”

    – Elizabeth McAninch

  28. “For Christmas, I gave my husband the gift of a Field Day of Photography at Pike Place Market. We spent a fun and productive morning with the excellent guidance and instruction provided by Jeffrey Fong. The class was fast paced, interesting and valuable. Jeff worked to meet all experience levels. We would definitely take another class from Jeff!”

    – David and Lisa Pitcher

  29. “Composition in the field is an awesome class!!!. The location (Pike Place Market) was perfect with all of the colors, fish, flowers, etc too shoot. A photographers gold mine! Our instructor Jeffrey was even better. He is very knowledgeable, answered all our questions, had a great sense of humor and allowed us some time to ask him questions as we walked through the market snapping away. I would definitively recommend his class and I am looking forward to taking more. Thanks Jeffrey!!”

    – Adrian

  30. “Jeffrey Fong was a knowledgeable and helpful instructor for the Composition in the Field class. I participated in his class with about 12 other students for the – Fremont District, Seattle, WA class. Jeffery’s warm personality really makes students feel at ease. He’s very open to answering questions or assisting students during the lecture session and the photo shoot time. I would definitely would take another course with DPA and Jeffery. I hope he teaches the advanced course some day.”

    – Dennis Day

  31. “I thoroughly enjoyed the composition class this past Saturday with Jeffrey Fong. Jeffrey helped me to understand the principles of the exposure triangle, and gave me a practical understanding of the elements of composition. Jeffrey – you have a real gift for making the camera very practical and a great eye for photo opportunities; providing the right level of assistance and interaction for beginners and experienced photographers alike.”

    – Gary

  32. “We were in downtown/old snoqualmie railway station. Instruction was great, very helpful. Weather was bad 🙂 as usual in Seattle. I was experimenting with my new macro lens so these aren’t the best but turned out ok.”

    – Rachel Smolke

  33. “Jeff was a fun and outgoing instructor. He was very personable and patient in teaching us what we wanted to know about photography and our cameras. He was very hands on and was willing to take time to help us get the quality shots we wanted He and made us feel comfortable in asking our questions. All in all, his class was very fun and informative. Would definitely recommend him as an instructor and would be willing to take any future class from him.”

    – Winter Amplayo

  34. “I took my first class offered by Digital Photo Academy, Composition in the Field, on July 14, 2012. This class of 11 students was led by Jeffrey Fong at the Pike Place Market. I knew immediately this was going to be a fun class as he introduced all the class students to each other as they arrived. The Market was an extremely busy place but Jeff knew about a quiet corner with table and chairs where we could all sit. Jeff ran through some basic photography concepts, talked about some composition techniques and answered anybody’s questions. Then we headed out into the crowds at locations that offered great photography potential. I was very impressed how Jeff would find time for each of the students to see what they had photographed and offer advice on composition and technique. Jeff always kept an eye on the students allowing their freedom of movement but ensuring no one got completely lost or left behind. He made this class very informative and fun while making all students with different skill levels very comfortable to work with him. I enjoyed his class very much and came away with some very valuable information to improve my photography. Jeff proved to me that sometimes the best investment in your passion for photography is not always better equipment but in yourself. I would highly recommend any Digital Photo Academy class led by Jeffrey Fong.”

    – Chuck Mell


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