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Jimmy Fikes

Jimmy Fikes

Jimmy-Fikes-bio-picJimmy was a “military baby” born to James and Felicidad Fikes in Olongapo City, Philippines. Shortly after his birth, he and his family moved to Oceanside, California. Raised a North San Diego County native, his father gave him his first camera at age 16. It literally changed his life. He found it hard to express his world without it.

He was accepted to Pepperdine University to study advertising, finding it was the closest major to study to his love of photography. There, he quickly became involved with the university’s journalism department shooting as a staff photographer for “The Graphic Weekly”. He was awarded position of photo editor and held the position for two years. Upon graduation, and having obtained the huge financial responsibility of repaying college loans, he found a managerial position at a local company and learned business management for 3 years. But he just didn’t find it as creatively fulfilling as his photographic work, so in 1997, he picked up his camera again and started on the road of honing his photographic skill and working as a professional photographer in Los Angeles.

He recently expanded his work to Cape Town, South Africa after a friend convinced him that it was such a beautiful place to be and shoot. Picking up everything he owned minus his cameras, he ventured off to Africa. Once there, he quickly found work and fell in love with Cape Town. He now bounces back and forth between continents.

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  1. “I enjoyed my experience. Jimmy brought the group back together every 20-30 min and reviewed everyone’s photos and gave advice. I will look into more classes with Jimmy. He was informative and down to earth.”

    -Elisa M.


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