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José Beltrán

José Beltrán

José Beltrán is a fashion and advertising photographer based in Tucson, Arizona. Hailing from Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico, he discovered a passion for drawing and painting during his upbringing. It was later in life that he found himself captivated by the realm of photography, ultimately becoming addicted and never looking back.

Photography serves as a source of inspiration for José—he finds allure in the unexplored, the narratives yet to be told. His work has been featured in a variety of publications, including Sonaz Mag, Tucson Lifestyle, and Tucson Biz. José has also collaborated with an array of noteworthy clients, including Primadonna Lux, Disney’s Aviation, Bombardier, Delta Airlines, and Medfix. He also won Best Photographer at the Addy Awards in Tucson and Arizona in 2010, as well as Top Ten Art Director/Photographer at the Mastered competition in Europe in 2018.

Beyond his work behind the lens, José also shares his expertise as an instructor of photography at The Art Institute of Tucson. Despite his youth, he has embraced the role of educator with enthusiasm. His unique approach to teaching has garnered admiration from his students, fostering a mutual appreciation for the art and craft of photography.

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Comments to “José Beltrán”

  1. Both workshops were amazing and Jose is so nice and patient! I learned the basics and have much more confidence to start using the camera my husband bought me for Xmas. I will forward what I took and they’re pretty rough but it’s a start. I will see what other workshops are upcoming. Thank you

  2. Fun day,
    Thanks Jose!


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