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Karen Soltero

Karen Soltero

Karen-Soltero-bio-picKaren Soltero started out on the other side of the camera, working in Los Angeles as an actress and photo model for other photographers. With an undergraduate degree in theater from UCLA and an MBA from Claremont, she was immersed in the entertainment industry in a variety of capacities. In 2001, a photographer she had worked with several times offered to mentor her, and she discovered an unexpected love of life behind the lens.

Karen’s first camera was a Nikon F100 camera and though she has transitioned to digital photography almost exclusively, she deeply appreciates learning first on film, because it taught her to be economical in her shooting and to learn to read, see and measure light. She began her professional photography career as a headshot photographer but her repertoire has grown over the years. She now shoots families and children, engagements, weddings and editorial. And dogs, portraits of people with their pets are some of her favorites. An experienced Photoshop user, she often manipulates her original images to dramatic effect. She also recently discovered that she likes to photograph food. Almost as much as she likes to eat it.

In 2011, Karen moved from Los Angeles back to her hometown of Dallas. She still travels to LA regularly to shoot. She counts a few notable faces in her portfolio, including actress Brenda Strong, from Desperate Housewives and the new Dallas, as well as character actor/magician Steve Valentine, from Crossing Jordan and Disney’s I’m in the Band. When she isn’t shooting, she also works as a freelance writer.

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Comments to “Karen Soltero”

  1. “Karen and Henry provided an informative and even personalized instruction to our large class. They took the time to review, critique and guide us as individuals. As aspiring photographers, whether seeking a new profession or just enjoyment, they gave knowledge to better our craft with their amazing skills.”

    -Kim Obryon

  2. “Karen was fantastic – relaxed, confident and passionate about photography and sharing her knowledge. She was willing to answer any questions we had and kept the group on track. Her introduction material and discussion were also well prepared. Karen was on-hand and eager to review our photos as we took them and this helped reinforce her teachings over the duration of the class.

    The class was pitched just at the right level for me; I wanted something that moved past the intro/101 class and this helped me greatly. Very glad to see this as a DSLR class for people who have already covered the basics”

    – Philip Kernohan

  3. “I enjoyed this morning, and will think about the principles we learned when I frame my shots in the future. I actually love a lot of the pictures I took this morning!”

    – Michelle Sigle


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