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Lynn M. Alaimo

Lynn M. Alaimo

A Hudson Valley-based photographer, Lynn has worked for years to hone her craft. Beginning her journey into the world of the arts at a young age after inheriting her dad’s hand-me-down camera, Lynn discovered her passion for photography fairly quickly. She realized she had a natural instinct for composition and was able to see details through the lens that helped turn a hobby into a true passion.

Lynn’s love of travel paired naturally with her love of photography. She is quite the traveler, having visited places  Switzerland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Russia, Malta, Greece, Sicily, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Canada, and 29 of the 50 states. Sharpening her eye with each new adventure, her work showcases landscapes and places of architectural interest. Always in search of the “perfect shot,” Lynn’s love of natural light allows her to capture “the true flavor, or essence, of that particular place.” With an impeccable sense of detail, her photography works to capture the cultural zeitgeist of each given location.

If Lynn’s name looks or sounds familiar you may well have seen her byline in the premiere Hudson Valley Arts & Culture publication, “Chronogram,” as one of the contributing photographers. If not there, then you might have seen her dodging and weaving at any number of live events where she is commissioned to handle the photographs for public relations, website and print publications, as well as various private affairs.

Lynn’s work has been regularly showcased in exhibitions, and portfolio can be seen at:
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Comments to “Lynn M. Alaimo”

  1. Hello Lynn,
    It was great to meet you!

    Thank you for today’s “classroom” instructions. Will be working of what I’ve learned today. Hopefully on our next meeting I will have new results.

    I looked at my calendar and unfortunately I have few out of town trips until Feb 8. I will reconnect with you then.

    Happy New Year!


  2. It was a beautiful day, and a very stimulating and enjoyable workshop in a great setting. Lynn is an excellent and generous teacher.

  3. It was a wonderful workshop! Lynn was a great teacher- patient enthusiastic and flexible. Very helpful critique of our images! Totally enjoyed the day- location and weather were perfect!

  4. I had an amazing experience Saturday. Lynn was great. It was more that I expected to learned.

    I will take a few weeks practicing and will reach back to scheduled a “Composition in the Field” class with Lynn in the near future.

  5. Good morning, Lynn I enjoyed our class and found it informative as well as creative. It was a great opportunity and privilege to be part of the workshop. Thank you, for attaching the Exposure Triangle and Quick Settings cheat sheets that way I have a digital copy.


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