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New York

New York

Join a Digital Photo Academy teacher for New York photo workshops, small group or private live sessions. You’ll learn all about your camera controls and how to create powerful images.

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NYC graffiti
Harlem NYC
NYC graffiti
Empire State Building NYC
Nikon 28-300mm test shoot NYC
NYC Metro and Jersey City images for DPA
NYC Metro and Jersey City images for DPA
NYC Library
NYC public library
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Welcome to the New York market for the international network of live and online photo classes, all under the banner of Digital Photo Academy.

This section is devoted to our New York photo workshops. The DPA Instructors who lead these workshops are professional photographers who have lived in New York for at least 10 years, usually longer.

These pro shooters also have teaching experience and they love teaching. (Not all photographers do.) They know the local retailers where you can get the better deals on photo equipment and more importantly, they know where the best photo ops are which allows us to provide you with a rotation of interesting places to shoot, throughout the year, whether indoors or outdoors, winter, spring, summer of fall. Sometimes one time of day to shoot is better than another and our DPA instructors keep us informed.

About Our New York Photo Workshop Venues

Often, the DPA Instructors even have private access to various locales in the city where they live. Themes vary from street photography and dynamic architecture, to flowers and landscapes, as well as waterscapes, sunsets, lush scenery and everything in between.

During one month, you might be invited to rendezvous in the luxurious natural light streaming in to a religious venue via spectacular stained glass windows and the following month, it might be a small relatively unknown park with very special landscapes. This is why we offer a special ALUMNI Discount to people who attend more than one workshop.

Nationally, we organize these workshops to provide variety for the participants in each local market, but we could not do it without the expertise and connections provided by the DPA instructors in each of those markets.

Phone the national headquarters of Digital Photo Academy at 1 877 372 2231 but know that each of the Digital Photo Academy markets includes a local office. In New York, that office is at:

100 Berry St Apt 2L Brooklyn, NY 11249-2822

E-MAIL US AT [email protected] OR CALL 1-877-372-2231 OR click here TO LEARN ABOUT OUR PRIVATE ALL DAY OR HALF DAY CLASS


And in case you’re interested, click here to check out some FREE SAMPLES of our ONLINE CLASSES


Comments to “New York”

  1. It was great, in fact, more than great. I got all the answers that I needed and more.

    Alyssa was an excellent teacher, choosing her was a great decision.

    I am so excited about the next session.


  2. We had a blast in the lesson and also learned so much from Anastasia! Thank you both for sharing your expertise with us – we’re excited to stay in contact in the future and would definitely appreciate any further primers/written advice you’d share with us to keep in mind.

  3. The DPA team has to coordinate the DPA workshops across the whole country; which I imagine entails a lot of names. Your national office team members and the folks who teach where they live do a wonderful job. That’s why I keep coming back!

  4. It was definitely a fun and informative day, great meeting all of you. Alina, thank you for everything and thank you for all the additional material. Have a great weekend.

  5. Great course

  6. I really enjoyed my session with Alina and the weather didn’t deter her enthusiasm for photography. I really enjoyed how she came prepared to discuss the topics I expressed interest in and also brought her own intuition on where to jump from my interests. The length of the time of the class was a little daunting but Alina’s warmth and expertise made the time fly by and allowed us to take things slowly and let them unfurl at a natural pace.

    I would recommend the class to a friend and I felt that I learned something new and practical to take forward as a photographer

  7. I really appreciate Alina’s guidance and help. She’s a real professional and is a great teacher. She is extremely helpful and I can’t wait to try out some of the ideas she’s given me. She absolutely met my expectations.

  8. Thank you Alina for the links in your email and thank you for the hours in the Grand Central Terminal.

  9. I bundled two photo classes back to back. The class(es) itself was great and the instructor was personable, patient and friendly. The synagogue and its environs are perfect and the instructor got to know us well enough that she could adapt the class to what we would shoot in our personal and professional lives. Would recommend.

  10. Thank you EVERYBODY for responding to my inquiry re best tripods.

    I will be taking your recommendations with me when I get my refund check next year, which is my usual time to buy gear.

    What a great bunch of people you all are!

    Charles Davidson

  11. The workshop was very good. A bit too cold to walk around but I learned a lot. And the instructor Alina, was very good. 5 stars for her.

  12. Great lesson, thanks.

    – Matt

  13. I really enjoyed the class. The instructor, Stephen, was very helpful and gave me good feedback on my portfolio as well as answering practical questions in the field. Would 100% do it again.

    – Anne S

  14. Yesterday was literally amazing. Check out Instagram… I tagged Digital Photo Academy! Also Whitney is awesome.

    Thanks for everything.

  15. We had Whitney Browne as our instructor. She was amazing. She knows her work very well and showed us good techniques of detecting light also taught low light photography skills.She was very informative and carrying good artistic skills … Highly Recommended!!!!!!!

  16. Great instructor, amazing venue!

  17. Steven was highly knowledgeable and personable. As a true beginner I appreciated his patience! I stayed for the Field class that followed the basics class and that was terrific as well.

  18. Yesterday was wonderful Thankyou so much 🙂 I’ll be sure to opt in to the Community Facebook Group right now, I can’t wait to see and share photos 🙂 Way to go guys!!

  19. Steven was tremendously helpful. He broke down the basics of how to achieve the aesthetic you want, in a very easy to comprehend manner. I’ve had my camera for over a year and online tutorials are not as effective as being there and seeing photos which showcase the perspective, then trying it yourself and going over the settings. I highly recommend this class.

  20. I had an amazing time with Steven. Learned a lot from him about photography. More than that, I enjoyed our conversations about our travels and experiences.

    Thank you for arranging this. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone interested in photography.

  21. The experience with Steven was great. It was a beautiful location with good weather. He quickly went over the basics as required but the ability to answer individuals’ questions on what they had trouble with was immensely helpful. I learned a few tips that I will be mindful of when shooting. He was overall a great and friendly instructor with wisdom from his decades of experience.
    Thank you for the class. I look forward to signing up to future ones and have told friends about the amazing experience.

  22. I had a wonderful time learning with you and the rest of the gang yesterday! It was well worth every minute!!

    Thanks for sharing your experience and perspectives with us. There were many take home points from the session. I have switched completely to “M” mode now, and finally abandoned the “S” or “A” priority. And changed other “restrictive” settings in my camera. This session has made me feel more comfortable and confident as a photographer, and I hope to continue to learn and enjoy the art of photography.

  23. Steven – thanks again for a great class! Was a great day – and new tips to play with 👍

  24. Wonderful, outdoor session. Our instructor was friendly and very knowledgeable, guiding multiple skill levels from beginners to those familiar already with their cameras, into being better photographers. He was open to questions and I feel his advice and tips instantly opened me to a new way of thinking. Would look forward to taking another class in the near future. It was definitely a great deal for the session.

  25. The instructor had a very positive attitude about helping people and provided clarity. He never made the anyone feel intimidated or uneasy . Steven and Richard are a gem! Worth the time to come and see to gain insight on photography. Look forward to taking to other classes in other cities.

  26. The day lived up to my expectations. Richard was very professional and put a lot of effort into finding a tutor that matched what I was looking for. It was refreshing to still see the someone adding the personal touch to ensure the customer is happy. My tutor, Steve was great and was loads of fun to hang out with. Really cool dude. Not only did he find a stunningly gorgeous model to work with (who I would love to work with again, btw), but he happily shared from his best advice in any area that I asked about. I learnt a lot from him and identified more than a few areas that I need to work on. Rating my experience with 5 stars was easy. In fact the next time I visit New York, I will definitely be calling on Richard again.

  27. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that the two courses that Steven taught last Saturday were absolutely phenomenal! Steven by no means let the rain get in the way of anything and efficiently utilized the time to teach us the cameras controls, meaning behind all of the various settings, and further transitioned greatly into real live shootings when the weather cleared.

    This is a course I much needed and am applying the knowledge I obtained on all my shoots. Furthermore and the most important part was that Steven made sure my initial interest in photography widened and increased!

    If you guys offer any other courses pertaining to photography, do let me know as I would strongly consider.

    Thank you again to Steven and Digitial Photo Academy for providing a great experience.

    Dhruv Patel

  28. Steven was a fantastic teacher – he adapted the class to my level and needs, he has a great way of breaking down complex technical info to be easy to understand and remember, and he was fun to shoot and explore with. Highly recommend!

  29. Fortunate to have some one to answer my questions, and keep pace with my note taking! I understand all the things my camera manual confused me with!

  30. A very complete day learning photography to my measure ! Alyssa Meadows was wonderful to me.

  31. Great introduction to digital photography with a wonderful instructor. Can’t wait to practice what I have learnt!

  32. The class was excellent. The teacher was punctual, patient and professional. I feel I received the information promised in the course description.

  33. Grand Central Terminal

  34. I was very impressed with Steven Greaves. After introductions, he asked everyone to describe their experience with cameras. He wanted to be sure to cover the basics, so no one was overwhelmed. The day was very dreary, but we did get some time outside, where Steven described the basics of choosing subjects and composition. We went into the terminal and sat for about 20 minutes, as Steven went over the basics of exposure, shutter speeds and ISO. We then spent the rest of the time shooting in the terminal. Although I’ve been shooting for many years, I can say I got some very good pointers!

  35. “Great Day! Steve was very helpful in helping us get a grasp on the fundamentals of taking control of our cameras! He was very patient and encouraging! a lovely day with a huge learning curve:)”

    -Michelle A.

  36. “My Instructor was Steve G. I had an amazing day. Steve assisted me in transforming my relationship with my camera in 6 hours. I hope he had a tenth as much fun as I did. I am forever grateful.”

    -Louis V.

  37. “The class was fantastic, Steven was very articulate, knew his subject well, and I walked away having learnt a lot. Would highly recommend!!!”

    -Andrea C.

  38. “First off Richard Rabinowitz, the founder, made it his priority to find out what I was hoping to get out of the all-day session. He went to great lengths to make sure I was matched with the right photographer. I ended up traveling up to the academy in Newburgh (Richard picked me up from the Beacon train station), because I wanted studio lighting experience. This would avoid me having to pay to rent a studio separately. Steve Marrero was my photographer for the day and I must say that the way they planned the day for me felt more like an apprenticeship than just taking a class. Like learning a new language in the country that speaks it versus just being a classroom. I reacquainted with my camera at Richard’s use, where I was also able to setup studio lights and shoot portraits of two people that they had sit for me. The highlight of the day was when they drove me to a clothing boutique and had a model waiting to try on 3 outfits for me to photograph, with Steve’s guidance of course. It was a long but productive day and I walked away with what I needed to give my project a try on my own. I’ll be using these guys again to develop other aspects of my photography.”

    -Ronald l.

  39. “Very informative and helpful. The instructor, Steven, really helped me learn features of my camera that were beneficial to my needs.”


  40. “Steven was great! A lot of information and very easy going.”

    -Siddarth P.

  41. “Thanks Steven and thanks for the time yesterday. It was really helpful. I started playing last night with the skyline. 🙂

    Also, Richard thanks for connecting me with Steven. He’s a great instructor.”


  42. “I enjoyed the class and learned a great deal from Steven. He showed us how he “sees” scenes and composes his shots. He gave us insightful tips on lighting, street and travel photography, and technical issues. It was also great meeting Jay. He posed great questions and food for thought. ”


  43. “This was an interesting and informative afternoon. Steve spent time learning about our photographic knowledge and our expectations for the afternoon. He tried and succeeded to meet those expectations. I have been interested in photography on and off over the years and needed a reintroduction and the encouragement to return to photography, I got both.”


  44. “Thank you Steven.
    I appreciate your knowledge, patience and professionalism.”


  45. “Steven was amazing it was a great day!
    Thank you for your help,”

    -Michelle and Carolyn

  46. “It was a great location! I have so many favorites I can’t decide on my favorite! I will post some on the web site if there is a way to do that.
    For your purposes, I have attached a shot of Dimi teaching Kaila how to use her Sony camera.



  47. “Hi Richard, the class was very good as we got the chance to shoot at both inside the Synagogue and also at areas surrounding it. Dimi did a great job at the class.

    All the best,”

    -C. Garcia-Paris

  48. “Hi Bill,
    It was great to meet you and thank you for the great class!! You are a great teacher.

    Thank you again,”


  49. “Steve, I had such a great session! I’ll definitely be in touch for round 2 to start applying some of what I learned. I’ll have to pick a sunnier day :)”


  50. “Jenn was an awesome teacher!
    She explained the “feared’ manual setting better than a camera retail store which sold three classes that were 2 hours long a piece.
    I think taking pics, making a mistake and saying “Ok, what the?” and having her there to ask about the error was great.’ Thank you very much.It was a great experience. No longer on Program Mode…hahaha”

    -Molly Black

  51. “Much fun was had by all. Nice to meet everyone!”


  52. “David,
    Thank you so much for your professional insight regarding my image of Joshua Tree at sunset! I found it very helpful to hear the subtle differences that make a good image a much better one. The information that you provided is the detailed part of producing a better, post processed image, which I, personally, find illusive.

    Many thanks for your personalized critque, looking forward to getting your input on my 2nd image and Steve’s 2 images. I will, again, attempt to send you all 3 RAW files tomorrow.

    Best regards,”


  53. “Some of my favorites from today.
    Rick and Jim were fantastic. Thank you for an amazing experience. ”


  54. “Bill,
    I just wanted to thank you for a great “in the field” tutorial yesterday. My wife said the photos I took were the best she’d seen from me – just goes to show you what a little thought and preparation can do. I look forward to more courses with you.
    Happy holidays!”


  55. “Thank you, Bill. I definitely learned some things that will help me take better pictures. Great meeting everyone in the group as well!”

    -Keisha Townsend

  56. “Thank you Jill for your feedback. Really appreciate it. I’ll have a look at the Nikon d3200. Your absolutely amazing. Thank you for the help and getting back to me. I really appreciate it I live in Berkshire in the uk. Thank you again for your time. ”

    -Scott Webber

  57. “We all had a great time yesterday.
    Thank you,”


  58. “Thanks for the great workshop today! Since I don’t usually do portraits, I learned a lot from all of you. Take care.”

    -Sarah Corbin

  59. “Thank you for the professionals you assembled for the class. Well done!”

    -Josephina LaFauci

  60. “Hope all is well. First of all I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your 8 hour workshop last Sunday. I found it very informative, interactive and extremely fulfilling and have been on a high ever since. I am very glad that I was able to join and meet your amazing team for this workshop.

    I also had a look at the Hudson Valley workshop online and am really excited about this opportunity too,

    Looking Forward to hearing from you again.

    Happy new year,”

    -Aura Danesh

  61. “Hi, Richard. I just want to say again how very much I enjoyed the workshop (was it just last weekend?). My friend and I both had a fabulous time and actually learned something. This was the best bang for my buck I’ve gotten in a long time. Really want you to know how much I appreciate your efforts to give us such a great experience. And I loved the models! AND bagels, fresh coffee and pizza too? Wow. Also, i just want to make sure that it isn’t languishing somewhere in my email, but you said you’d send the power point presentation that Bill did and I would love to have it. I was interested in the storage deal, but in the end it was just something else new I had to learn and I’m a pretty old dog!
    Hope you had a good holiday. These days, though, I’m thinking of becoming Catholic. I’m loving this Pope (not going to convert, tho, haha).”

    -Mimi Torchin

  62. “It was wonderful. It was run beautifully. I learned so much. Thanks Richard!!”

    -Ilene Finberg

  63. “Thank you much Richard, this was a great training. meeting lots nice people & learning a lot… It was a pleasure meeting everyone…”

    -Francesca Panetta McPhillips

  64. “Hey everyone great class. ”

    -Angel Batist

  65. “Great workshop. Richard you rock. Reed Hoffmann your workshop on mylio was excellent. We need a part 2 to this workshop.”

    -Marcia Chan

  66. “This workshop was great. I hope in the near future that you make the winning prize a meet/training camp.”


  67. “When is the next one ?
    Hi Richard ! It’s was really interesting but a pretty fast for me who am a big beginner! Many thanks! ”

    -Sandrine Mab

  68. “Today was the best workshop ever!!! The environment was pleasant and the models were friendly and engaging. I couldn’t have conceived a better was to spend a Sunday. Thanks Richard and all the staff!!!”

    -Kenzo Steel

  69. “The day and the class was wonderful. Learned a lot and enjoyed! Would love more classes.”

    -Jane Russo

  70. “I really enjoyed the workshop. Thank you very much! ”

    -Luisa Ballentine

  71. “This workshop was awesome. learned A TON , thank you!”

    -Helenita Salom

  72. “I’m an old person who still loves film photography, but my daughter and her husband started to push me to do digital photography in the last few years. Last year they set me up for a session at Liberty State Park, which I enjoyed very much. So this year they followed up with another session at Seaside Heights. I took that class yesterday and enjoyed it also, and in particular I would like to comment on the great job your instructor did. Bill Blanchard was the instructor and was as patient as a saint in heading his students in the proper direction to take good pictures. I could make this a long letter about his patience and sincere caring about our getting something from the class, but I will just say thanks to his attitude I will be following up on additional instruction from your organization. ”

    -Charles Burok

  73. “David was great. He brought an obvious depth of photography experience to a wide range of student experience levels and was able to keep the class focused on the essentials while customizing it slightly for those students with more experience. Equally important, he put the class at ease and made sure we were having fun”

    -Chad Woodford

  74. “Thanks for the wonderful class on Saturday afternoon at Brooklyn Botanical Garden

    Appreciate your photography tips, and for being so patient and generous with your feedback that day. Although I still have a lot to learn, people like you help the learning process more oriented.

    It was great meeting you! Take care.”


  75. “Jenn and David are very talented, passionate,
    and engaging photographers and teachers. They inspire
    my creativity and motivate me to continue my exploration
    of photography. I plan to take the upcoming class in Central Park.
    Thank you so much, Jenn and David, for being
    our guides and teachers!”

    -Jocelyn Launer

  76. ” I just wanted to say thanks and let you know that Saturday’s Composition in the Field with David Mark Erickson was absolutely wonderful. David is an outstanding teacher, and made the learning and lessons fun and to the point. I came away with a new perspective and a better understanding of light, patterns, shapes and angles. A fantastic class, and I found that the three hours flew by before I knew it
    David is a warm and friendly guy, and an excellent teacher who made learning fun. Thanks again!”

    -Mike Zulich

  77. “i thoroughly enjoyed the class last Saturday. and David is a great and fun instructor. plus the weather was perfect to walk around shooting pics at the seaport.”


  78. “I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed David’s class. My main goal for the class was to immerse myself in a street photography project and learn how to use my flash at night. David was tremendously helpful on both counts. He encouraged us to get right in the middle of things and to be persistent in identifying and tracking down the shots we wanted. He also had some good advice about finding the less obvious shots, a weakness of mine and I tend to be a “stand up straight and face straight ahead” kind of photographer. Last but not least, he gave me real time feedback on my shots so that I was able to use my flash to good effect.

    I enjoyed the class very much and would recommend David to anyone!”

    -Tony Pillari

  79. “I got what I was looking for. I have been using Photoshop for a while but never had any formal training, this class filled in the gaps for me.”

    – Doug Dietiker

  80. “Thank you! I really enjoyed the class. ”


  81. Hi Steve,
    “I cannot thank you enough for the excellent class you gave on Sunday. I came away from that class with so much knowledge and understanding on how to work my camera – I was amazed and I can’t wait to start using my camera on “M” !!!
    You are an awesome instructor! Thanks for everything!”

  82. “I just wanted to reply as a follow up – I took the Intro to DSLR class yesterday with Steven Greaves as a “do-over” to my Intro to Digital Cameras class. I had to let you know that this class was excellent and was certainly worth giving DPA another try. Steven was great – I am a beginner and the other student is more advanced and I felt he catered to both of us. He actually physically showed us the settings on our cameras, what everything did, what we should be looking at from both a technical and creative standpoint, and really gave a well-rounded overview of the DSLR. He is clearly a talented photographer, but a modest one – showing us his images as helpful examples rather than self-promotion (which was my issue with the last instructor). He knew the technical terms and was able to explain them clearly, in an easy-to-understand way for me, as I am very new to the DSLR terminology. He took us out to try different types of shots, showing us how the different settings affect the image, was able to give clear step-by-step instructions on how to take a great image and what settings to use and how to tell when to adjust them. Overall, it was a VERY valuable four hours filled with great information.

    Just had to let you know that I’m really satisfied with this make-up class and appreciate the offer. I feel like I got a lot out of it and will be looking into additional classes.”


  83. “Hi Steven,

    Thank you for the workshop and for answering all my questions (even stealing a little extra time). I had a great time and learned new things in order to get better pictures. Specially I got a real interest in “control my camera” instead of being controlled by it. Of course I’ll buy a reflex to really start doing it.

    I still can’t shut a leading line. I find it so difficult. It’s a real challenge and so I’ll keep working on it.

    Looking forward to attend new workshops.”

    -Silvia Rivera

  84. “Thanks so much for the wonderful workshop. You definitely inspired my daughter and I to think “outside the box”. It was a great experience and we truly enjoyed it. Let us know if you are teaching any other workshops this summer or in the fall”


  85. “Hi Steven, Thank you so much for such an informative class. I will definitely be signing up for additional classes, once I get a little more practice under my belt. Thanks for being so patient and thorough. You are an excellent instructor.

    Thanks, again.”

    -Marilena Eatman

  86. “Thank you. I just got in and, guess what (YOU TOLD ME SO) I fell in love with the RAW pictures better than the jpeg ones. Took a lot less “rubbing” and “editing.” And, for the record, they were shot in MANUAL MODE. Thanks teacher!”


  87. “Hi Steve, Thank you!! The class was exactly what I needed. You have taught me to be the basics and from that I will continue to build my skills. I am not as “afraid” to use the manual setting.

    I would definitely recommend the class as well as you as the instructor.

    Thanks again”


  88. “Thanks Steven, Wonderful class and hope to take more in the future. Thanks for taking the time to answer my many questions.
    Enjoy your weekend!”

    -Annie Graziani

  89. “And Thank YOU for an informative and easy class on my camera!”

  90. “Enjoyed the class. Very informative. Can’t wait to get out and try some new things with my camera.



  91. “I took the Intro to DSLR class yesterday with Steven Greaves. I had to let you know that this class was excellent and was certainly worth giving DPA a try. Steven was great – I am a beginner and the other student was more advanced and I felt he catered to both of us. He actually physically showed us the settings on our cameras, what everything did, what we should be looking at from both a technical and creative standpoint, and really gave a well-rounded overview of the DSLR. He is clearly a talented photographer, but a modest one – showing us his images as helpful examples rather than self-promotion. He knew the technical terms and was able to explain them clearly, in an easy-to-understand way for me, as I am very new to the DSLR terminology. He took us out to try different types of shots, showing us how the different settings affect the image, was able to give clear step-by-step instructions on how to take a great image and what settings to use and how to tell when to adjust them. Overall, it was a VERY valuable four hours filled with great information.

    Just had to let you know that I’m really satisfied with this class. I feel like I got a lot out of it and will be looking into additional classes.



  92. “Thanks, Steven. Today’s class really started to change the way I take photos. I used to be one of those people who just point and shoot and call it a day. I like to do challenging things in life, therefore I am going to keep practicing. My camera was given to me as a gift back in April and I wish I had put more effort into learning/playing around with it, but late is better than never.”

  93. “Thank you for your tips you proved at the workshop. I’ve been using them they are helping a lot. Thank you”
    –Student Patrick

  94. “Steven, I had an amazing time this morning!!!!! Thank you so much for your patience and not making us feel like inexperienced dummies when it came to our cameras. Thanks SO MUCH for the picture! I’ll definitely going check out the album you’ve attached and get back to you.”
    — Student Trudi

  95. “Thanks Rafael for the wonderful class on Saturday afternoon at Brooklyn Botanical Garden.”

  96. “This was my 3rd class, two in Orlando and this past weekend in NYC with Rafael Infante.
    The class was great and having had a different instructor each time I think has been great. They all bring something new to you knowledge base. My suggestion is take from different instructors you will learn a lot more. They have all been great and I have learned so much from all of them.
    Rafael was fun and very hands on, great instructor. DPA keep up the great work. I have not been disappointed yet. !!!!!!”

    -Chris Cass

  97. “Rafael, it was a real pleasure taking the class with you once again and revisit the Composition concepts from the previous class. We will continue practicing!!!

    Thanks to all of you for arranging these great photography classes, wish you all the best,”

    -Carolina Garcia-Paris

  98. “Thank you very much for upgrading me from one class to two. The class and instruction was very informative, relevant and fun. Rafael is very patient and explains details very well, I had a great time. I will post some images on the Facebook page. I would like to sign up for some future classes DSLR 101(August or Sept date) and composition Central Par, Grand Central and 5th Avenue.

    Thank you ”

    -Loretta O’Connell

  99. “I also wanted to say that Glenn and I had an amazing time on the tour! Rafael is a great teacher and I hope to take more of his classes. He was very patient, has a great eye and adapted the class for our various interests and needs.

    We look forward to taking more classes with you guys and are planning on taking more with Rafael specifically!”

    – Eleri

  100. “Rafael was a great teacher and it was a terrific experience for all of us. I loved seeing these photos that were clear examples of the aspects of composition! Thanks for a memorable afternoon.”

    – Adrienne

  101. “Thank you for the photography lesson. It was great to have the opportunity to practice what I’ve read before but never was able to use often enough and make them part of my photography skills. The composition lesson was great and I am sure I’ll make good use of the concept to take better pictures in the future.”

    – David Lee

  102. “I attended the South Street Seaport photo workshop last Sunday, with instructor Melody Reed, from Digital Academy. Just wanted to say thank you for your photography tips, and for being so patient and generous with your feedback that day. I really appreciate it. Although I still have a lot to learn, people like you help the learning process be a little less painful 🙂

    It was great meeting you! Take care.”

    – Elena Cintron

  103. “I am an experienced amateur photographer, with broad photographic interests. A recent portfolio review showed that my travel photography, while positive in some aspects, lacks personal connection and intimacy with people that I meet in my travels. I decided to focus on this weakness in the recent DPA workshop in Harlem, New York City.

    Marlas sked each of the students for their goals for the workshop, then took positive steps to help achieve them. In my case, I could not have found a better instructor Marla instantly develops rapport with people in the street, based on her geniune interest in everyone she encounters. She engaged in several conversations, resulting in excellent photographic opportunities for all of us. She set such an example that I was able to approach several people on my own, coming away with memorable experiences and photographs.

    I always recommend DPA workshops to friends traveling to new locations. I cn no specifically recommend Marla as a great instructor to hlp bring your people and street photography to a new level. Thanks for a great experience!”

    “Marla, Thanks so much for your kindness this afternoon. Your composition in the field workshop in Harlem was beyond my expectations.
    Here are my favorites. I hope you like them…”

    – Juan Zapata

  104. “I just want to thank you for the class yesterday at Grand Central. You were a terrific instructor and Jerry and I totally enjoyed the day. It was a big plus that we also got some really good photos.

    Thanks again.”

    – Marjorie Levine

  105. “Well I have reached India with a good time in USA and memories unforgettable. I had a lovely session with you(Composition in the field at SoHo). I followed this with Advanced Training Techniques session with Stan in Atlanta.

    Over all my DPA interaction was very good and you have really put an impact. Hope to see you soon again. Nevertheless our conversation over the mails would continue.

    I would always appreciate your vital tips , links and sharing to enhance my photography skills.”

    – Vinod Chauhan

  106. “I want to thank you again for your outstanding instruction at yesterday afternoon’s workshop at Grand Central. In the first 5 minutes you pulled me from my comfort zone, having me go manual focus. You also opened my eyes to the metering modes, I was using evaluative 100% of the time, I will be practicing and mastering these two techniques in future outings. I also appreciated the start from the very beginning – basics. A great brush up on what is now taken for granted by me. Don’t be surprised to see me in future workshops, both the same and different venues. Excellent job, not a single negative comment or complaint.”

    – Matthew

  107. “I was in the photo workshop in central park this past saturday and I just wanted to email you and say it was nice meeting you and hearing your tips and thoughts about different photographic situations. I enjoyed it very much.

    I attached a few images I took that day.

    Thanks again”

    – John

  108. “I wanted to thank you for the photo walk yesterday and the great advice you gave. I had a great time and a learned a lot about shooting in the field. One of the thing that stuck out to me was your ability to see a photograph developing and I think that is what I am going to apply to my photography going forward. Your ability to pick things out as they were happening was truly a great thing to witness.

    Also, I had a chance to look at your website and your organization and I must say, you are truly an inspiration to me.

    Thank you again!”

    – Erik Teng

  109. “Had a great time with John Milano at Liberty State Park on 5/20/12.”

    – Dr. Steven Goldman

  110. “Thank you very much for a great class. It was extremely valuable for me…resonating throughout yesterday and this morning.

    I have a question. In thinking about depth of field and the photos I have been taking (prior to the class) I realized that I was keeping more in many of the pictures because of composition and structure. I enjoy the push and pull of forces both negative and positive in the photo beyond subject matter, this coming from my painting/design background BUT, I try to not subjugate the subject to the structure because I don’t want the coldness that comes from too much attention to structure. This is different than finding a point of attention focus as would be the case using depth of field. So, with individual portraits, verses group, I get in really tight so there is nothing but identity and the environment is non existent. Any thoughts to introduce a beam sunlight?”

    —Susan Parish

  111. “I was the only male with you on Saturday in SoHo, just wanted to thank you for a fun day. Hope to run into you again.”

    – Robert Yaccarino

  112. “Thanks a lot for prompt feedback. Though i had only one session, it was really useful. Thanks a lot. Have a good day.”


  113. “Thanks. Enjoyed the class today. Will be in touch. Have told Richard that things worked out well despite the initial glitch. Appreciated the opportunity to try out a technique right after hearing about it. Will look for other classes. Let us keep in touch. ”

    -Ram Ramachandran.

  114. “I said it at Liberty Park, and I’m saying it again thank you for today’s class, you did a super job. I know you said something about Facebook when we were leaving because of the rain, but my daughter and my wife know about computers, and digital cameras. I talked to my daughter and told her if she should find out how, and what to do to get something on Facebook, I’d be wiling to do it.

    Again you did a super job!

    I’m enclosing a couple of pictures that I took, it may take a second email from me, because the files are large. The one of the young lady that I’m enclosing is one of several, I dont remember her name, but she took one of me, so I told her I’ll take that as an OK to take several of her. If you would be so kind, I can send you (about 3 to 4) if you could pass them on the her.

    Again thank you, the class was great.”

    -Charlie Burok

  115. “Thank you again for all of the great info you shared during today’s photo class. It definitely exceeded my expectations and it was a good mix of instructional information and hands on exercises with the various camera settings.

    The detailed maps and instructions you sent prior to the class were perfect and I really appreciate that you made a trip to the Park earlier in the week to make sure the meeting place was available and planned out the alternate location we were able to move due during the inclement weather.

    Please feel free to share my feedback and thanks again. Attached are a couple of images of mine from today’s session. ”

    -Sharon Downey

  116. “Such an awesome class. Loved the way you simplified the concept, it helped me understand it so much better. After I left the group, I walked around some more and took more pics…here are some………”

    -Yolanda Rodriguez

  117. “Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures, I loved the one with the arch, gorgeous picture. I started to practice what we learned in class and even i have a lot ahead I was very please with the class, it was a pleasure meeting you and being part of your class. Hope to join any upcoming classes soon!”

    -Brenda Jacomy-Kitch

  118. “Richard, I took the Photo Workshop in Central Park this past Sunday and I want you to know that your instructor, Mr. Bill Blanchard was terrific! I enjoy his teaching approach, got past my fear of handling my camera, and learned how to get more terrific shots all with his encouragement and instructions. I certainly would take a follow-up class with Bill. ”

    -Pereta Rodriguez

  119. “Hi Bill,

    Attending the class was a really good experience. I got a chance to
    explore photography from a new perspective. Thank you very much for guiding
    us and taking personal interest in our work.”

    -Manasa Gangula

  120. “Just wanted to thank you for a great class. I sent you a link to my Flickr album from selected photos from Sunday. Hope you like them. I learned quite a bit that day!”


  121. “Happy Father’s Day! I’m not sure if you received my photos through Shutterfly yesterday. I’m planning to post a few on DPA’s Facebook page after you review them and after I edit the ones I think are ok. Or should I post the unedited photos. Let me know. Thanks again for sharing those valuable tips during our session and giving me constructive feedback on my photos.”

    -Cathy Smith

  122. “I went to Liberty State Park with Bill Blanchard. Lots of fun! Always cloudy every time I go!

    Here’s some photos – quick editing job. Will send another email with more.”

    -Lindsey Warne

  123. “Thank you for this class! It was amazing and I learned a lot! I just wanted to thank you for it and Bill is an awesome teacher!! ”

    -Natalie C.

  124. “Thanks for your time and effort at the class this past Saturday. Although a lot of what you had to say was, refresher, I did learn about “Leading Lines” from you. I have never heard the concept expressly stated, although it may have been and I just missed. Makes sense though. Your portrait example out there in the yard can be very helpful to me as I tend to the side of what I shoot is what I get in portraiture. Well, it’s not so much portraiture as it is family snapshots. At any rate, thanks so much. I hope we cross paths again. I hope we all cross paths again.

    So here are a few of the shots from Saturday. Please feel fre to critique, all of you. I can only get better if I know what I did not accomplish with my images”

    -Frank Sylvis.

  125. “I really enjoyed today’s class and am attaching some of my shots, some of which I have edited with the Aviary app for iPad. Although I was not able to practice most of the features you discussed, I really enjoyed learning about leading lines and framing and playing with the ISO and White balance!

    I will definitely take more classes in the future and will likely purchase a better camera!! Do you have any suggestions for beginner models I should look into?”

    – Valeria

  126. “Thank you for a very enjoyable and productive class. You helped us understand concepts that would had taken us months to figure out on our own and shared tips we might have never known. Your pictures are wonderful.

    Hope to see you in another class in the near future.”

    – Agnes and Fredy Irizarry

  127. “It was a great session with a lot of information that I know we’ll be able to leverage in the future. I thought the hands-on advice and training you had provided while we were doing our shots was extremely valuable for me. Thank you for a wonderful session.”

    – Maria Rozario

  128. “Thanks again for the great class yesterday. Here are a few of my favorites from yesterday. One is the upward perspective shot of the tree. A second is one of the bike baskets, from the perspective of sitting in a seat. And the third was a final result of slow shutter speed on tail lights as we ended last night.”

    – Mona

  129. “Thank you Bill! I enjoyed the class and you covered what I need to know, and then some. Starting to practice. Once I get the basics down I will be ready to learn more.”


  130. “Thanks, Bill, for the quite enjoyable class. Sorry I had to run off at the very end – but I did enjoy the walk and trying to figure out how to view things in a different way.

    I love the dramatic black and white treatment of the statue on your picture!

    I am sending you over a few of my favorites. I’m still learning post production and want to learn how to manipulate lightroom a lot better than I do – that’s more of a factor of time than anything else.

    I look forward to attending your class in Hoboken next month.”

    – Mona

  131. “Thank you for a great class. It was really nice to meet you and to get some great tips and ideas from you. I definitely enjoyed the day.

    Thanks again and hopefully I will see you at another class.”

    – Allison

  132. “Thank you Bill for a great afternoon in spite of the weather. It was very informative and a good day. I appreciate your help.”

    – Art

  133. “Hey Bill! Thanks for a great class on Saturday. It was great! I’m so glad that I still have 2 more groupons left to use!”

    – Jess

  134. “Class was good and Bill really knows his stuff.”

    – Vera

  135. “This was my first time shooting manual… I learned few things… and it was fun… I understand better now why my husband takes 5min just to take 1 picture.”

    – Judite

  136. “I wanted to let you know that my wife, Ariela, and I very much enjoyed your workshop this past Saturday. Thank you for an enjoyable, informative afternoon.”

    – Ned

  137. “Thank you very much, Bill; really appreciated your low-key, practical, and de-mystifying approach.”

    – Bob B.

  138. “Thanks again for a great class on Sunday. I enjoyed it and found it very helpful. I put a few of my pictures together so feel free to take a look. I surprised myself by even getting a reasonable ‘blur’ photo so I added a couple of these in.”

    – Graham

  139. “Thank you for leading the class on Saturday. I enjoyed it despite the frigid temps.

    Thank you for forwarding your pictures and the commentary.

    New things learned!”

    – John Mintz

  140. “I enjoyed the Composition class on Sunday 1/27 and fund it very useful. Bill Blanchard was a very good instructor.”


  141. “The training was a really good one, got to know more about the basics of photography.”

    – Gobinath

  142. “Great day! I actually turned the camera to “M” and shot for several hours!”

    – Julie

  143. “The workshop was terrific. Bill, thanks for a great workshop. You did a great job!”

    – Dennis McCarthy

  144. “Thanks Bill. It was a great class and I look forward to taking composition in the field at a later date.”

    – Sharon

  145. “Thanks for a great workshop, Bill. We gleaned a lot of information and are more readily able to refer to our manuals and know what they are talking about!”

    – Carey and Graham

  146. “Thanks again. I really did enjoy the class and learned a great deal.”

    – Michael Nader

  147. “Thank you again for an amazing class. Thanks to you I picked up my hobby again. I’ve been taking pictures like every day and reading all kinds of books. Truly grateful.”

    – Leticia Medina

  148. “I enjoyed you workshop greatly, and appreciate all your tour and helpful tips. I have attached a number of photos that I took during the workshop. If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know.”

    – Charles

  149. “Thank you SO much for your time and expertise during our Photoshop class on Saturday! I really appreciated your fantastic suggestions, and I learned some incredible new tricks that will be very useful as I revise my curriculum.

    I’ll be in touch!”

    – Eliot

  150. “Thank you for a fantastic workshop in Princeton yesterday! I learned a lot and had a huge amount of fun. It was a good group of people and certainly a photogenic setting. The tips on leading lines were great, as were the tips on framing. I have started to go back over the pictures I took and was reminded that I got a couple of images that were, in effect, double-framed. I had a window behind a window, which wound up looking pretty cool.

    I may post a couple to the DPA website.

    I’m looking forward to taking more of these workshops and learning still more. Oh, and I already ordered a set of the close-up filters and can’t wait to play with them. Good stuff.

    Hope to see you at a future workshop!”

    – Sean Blinn

  151. “Thanks so much for a educational and memorable experience. It’s definitely one for the books. In the midst of all the excitement, I actually learned a lot about digital SLR photography as well so thank you for that. I posted a few of my photos on the Digital Photo Academy website (better late than never, right?), so feel free to take a look when you get a chance. Thanks again for a great class.”

    – Kim

  152. “It was a nice class yesterday and we took lots of good pictures.”

    – Lin-Hung

  153. “It was great meeting you this past Saturday, great class!”

    – Peter Kostik

  154. “It was a pleasure to take your class. Someday, I wish to be as knowledgeable as you. I’m looking forward to another class that would require out in the field shooting. I’ll put my comments in the student thread and will absoulutely check your website work out as well.

    Thanks for a great class.”

    – Kristine M.

  155. “Your class at Liberty Park yesterday was very enjoyable. I learned a lot from your explanation of main concepts regarding composition and camera setting. I was wondering if you could share some of the picture cards that you brought along and any other materials you may have that you think could help improve my understanding. They hit the spot for me! Thanks again!”

    – Cristina Coltro

  156. “Bill, thank you so much for your guidance and a great day of shooting. I really appreciate your generosity in staying after the scheduled end time. i got some of my best shots after 5pm. I would welcome your critique and look forward to seeing you on Sunday in Hoboken.”

    – Peter Turai

  157. “Wanted to send a big thanks for your insights and help this Sunday. That was my first time taking any sort of photo class, so it was great to do it with a fun group, and learn some great and useful tips. Again, thanks. Looking forward to taking more classes.”

    – Anthony Galasso

  158. “Lauren and I both really enjoyed the time we spent with you. We learned some really good things and thought you were really enjoyable to be with. Thank you for an enjoyable and educational 3 hours. I will be in touch. Again, thanks for a really good time.”

    – Dave Rosenthal

  159. “I really enjoyed the class this past Sunday in New Hope. I appreciated the reminders that photography requires practice at getting better.

    I posted the pictures I felt were good on my picasa page. If you have the time I appreciate any feedback you have.”

    – Ryan Kehoe

  160. “Thanks a lot for the class. I really enjoyed it and nw I’m very inspired to read my manual. It was a great group and a really nice day.”

    – Lynn

  161. “Thank you for the class on Sunday. It was a fun class. I love the pictures you took.”

    – Maureen Butler

  162. “Thank you so much for teaching us today – I had a blast! I enjoy meeting photographers with Different points of view- you shared with me many good pointers. My husband thought that my pictures looked better! I can’t wait to process them. Thanks”

    – Zehra Travis

  163. “Hands down, I thought Andre was fantastic; a true blend of humor/entertainment, teaching and constructive feedback. I enjoyed every single minute of it!! I am still new to photography and have yet to learn all the ins and outs of my new camera but got soooo much out of this class. Would absolutely take another!!

    I am enclosing a few of the photos I took during the class.”

    – Theresa Spitzer

  164. “I thought the classes Saturday were fantastic! Andre did a wonderful job. I (and I believe a few others in the class) would be interested in additional classes &/or fieldwork. Let me know if there’s additional interest. And, as always, my office is available for the advanced class or if you’d like to run the first two classes again in the future.”

    -Chuck Pegler

  165. “Andre, Thanks for the great class! I picked up a number of things that had been bugging me. Your photos and discussion on them was easily worth the price of admission. Thanks again!”

    -Michael Whitman

  166. “I wanted to say THANK YOU for a GREAT class. I’ve been to Nikon’s Nikon School Intro to Digital photography and a few other classes. Your class last night was WAY BETTER, and MUCH more interesting. THANKS AGAIN!”

    -Gregory Laub

  167. “I found my way over to DUMBO, Brooklyn last evening to take the Beginner course with Andre. It is, of course an eye-opener. Even the simplest point and shoot are incredibly complex, and it is so much better to sit down with someone who really knows photography as opposed to fighting ones way through the manual which simply notes each symbol, and a brief explanation as to what these mean but not in the real world. Thanks again for bringing this to my attention.”

    -Gerold Wunderlick

  168. “I thought the course was awesome. I’ve been to beginner digital photography workshops before and they never seem to get past how to turn the camera on and change the memory cards. This course ended up covering the major topics I was most curious about, and now I want to take the next course!”

    -Laura La Gassa

  169. “Last month I participated in a one day photography workshop put on by Digital Photo Academy. There ended up being four of us who took the class. Our instructor, Alissa Everett, took us down to the San Francisco Ferry Building farmer’s market. We spent about 3 1/2 hours just shooting away. Afterwards, we went back to our gathering place, downloaded our photos, selected the 10 best, then Alissa critiqued them and gave us pointers on improving our composition, etc. I highly recommend taking the class.”

    -David Mullin

  170. “Thank you very much for a great class. It was extremely valuable for me…resonating throughout yesterday and this morning.

    I have a question. In thinking about depth of field and the photos I have been taking (prior to the class) I realized that I was keeping more in many of the pictures because of composition and structure. I enjoy the push and pull of forces both negative and positive in the photo beyond subject matter, this coming from my painting/design background BUT, I try to not subjugate the subject to the structure because I don’t want the coldness that comes from too much attention to structure. This is different than finding a point of attention focus as would be the case using depth of field. So, with individual portraits, verses group, I get in really tight so there is nothing but identity and the environment is non existent. Any thoughts to introduce a beam sunlight?”

    -Susan Parish

  171. “The class was great. I wouldn’t change a thing. You have to give me the phone number and address of that shop that made the heavenly carrot cupcakes. The class is well worth it, and I will be taking more in the future, thanks for passing on the knowledge.

    [And those terrific cupcakes are made on premises at Sunburst Cafe – 206 3rd Ave. (at 18th Street) – (212) 674-1702]”

    – Douglas Peterson

  172. “Adam is very knowledgeable and answered all questions.”

    -Naomi Turcotte

  173. “Thank you very much, I’m really looking forward to see you again and learn more from you and your great knowledge. Please let me know whenever you have time.”

    -Waleed Said


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