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Rafael Infante

Rafael Infante

Rafael_Infante_NYC_Headshot_Portrait_Photography_DPA00b Like most new working photographers Rafael Infante started his journey with a basic point-and-shoot camera. He was always the one in the group taking pictures of everyone and everything wherever he went. Eventually, he attended courses at the School of Visual Arts and Pratt Institute and learned the fundamentals of composition, lighting and portraiture. After this he decided to pursue his passion on a professional level. Rafael has a very distinct photographic style. He likes utilizing bold colors and interesting perspectives to add a bit of surrealism and wonder to his imagery. Through manipulating light and creative posing/movement, he is able to empower his portrait and athlete clients by photographing them in a way they’ve never seen themselves before. So, whether shooting a natural landscape or a portrait, Rafael always tries to capture images in an impactful and unique approach.

He now works in New York City as a wedding, high school senior and headshot photographer with aspirations of entering the fine art market. When not shooting for clients, Rafael enjoys swimming, rock climbing, and working on his self-portrait project.

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  2. “Thanks Rafael for the wonderful class on Saturday afternoon at Brooklyn Botanical Garden.”

  3. “This was my 3rd class, two in Orlando and this past weekend in NYC with Rafael Infante.
    The class was great and having had a different instructor each time I think has been great. They all bring something new to you knowledge base. My suggestion is take from different instructors you will learn a lot more. They have all been great and I have learned so much from all of them.
    Rafael was fun and very hands on, great instructor. DPA keep up the great work. I have not been disappointed yet. !!!!!!”

    -Chris Cass

  4. “Rafael, it was a real pleasure taking the class with you once again and revisit the Composition concepts from the previous class. We will continue practicing!!!

    Thanks to all of you for arranging these great photography classes, wish you all the best,”

    -Carolina Garcia-Paris

  5. “Thank you very much for upgrading me from one class to two. The class and instruction was very informative, relevant and fun. Rafael is very patient and explains details very well, I had a great time. I will post some images on the Facebook page. I would like to sign up for some future classes DSLR 101(August or Sept date) and composition Central Par, Grand Central and 5th Avenue.

    Thank you ”

    -Loretta O’Connell

  6. “I also wanted to say that Glenn and I had an amazing time on the tour! Rafael is a great teacher and I hope to take more of his classes. He was very patient, has a great eye and adapted the class for our various interests and needs.

    We look forward to taking more classes with you guys and are planning on taking more with Rafael specifically!”

    – Eleri

  7. “Rafael was a great teacher and it was a terrific experience for all of us. I loved seeing these photos that were clear examples of the aspects of composition! Thanks for a memorable afternoon.”

    – Adrienne

  8. “Thank you for the photography lesson. It was great to have the opportunity to practice what I’ve read before but never was able to use often enough and make them part of my photography skills. The composition lesson was great and I am sure I’ll make good use of the concept to take better pictures in the future.”

    – David Lee

  9. “I attended the South Street Seaport photo workshop last Sunday, with instructor Melody Reed, from Digital Academy. Just wanted to say thank you for your photography tips, and for being so patient and generous with your feedback that day. I really appreciate it. Although I still have a lot to learn, people like you help the learning process be a little less painful 🙂

    It was great meeting you! Take care.”

    – Elena Cintron


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